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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Oklahoma City

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Thunder fans.

Pre-game views

- With KD we win hands down... without him.. I have my doubts but we should bounce back from the Kings loss and we are at home so i think we can pull it off in a close one without KD.

- I think the Grizz pulverize us like they did the first time we played this season which I believe KD was out for too

In-game views

- Durant had an awful quarter and it had very little to do with Tony Allen's defense

- Waiters playing well, what is life?

- The lane is a concern, but the game plan against Memphis has to be to let them shoot

- Give up an and1 to Tony Allen...WHY DO WE PLAY HIM TiGHT EVERY GAME, LET HIM SHOOT

- I hate Marc Gasol. He flops and exaggerates contact to the most BS fouls against us

- We were terrible that quarter. Somehow Memphis only managed to knock off two points from our halftime lead.

- SA, GSW, and the Cavs extend these leads into 30 point blowouts...we have been extremely sloppy and letting Memphis back in it.

Post-game views

- it was a pretty low energy game from Memphis so we just kinda relaxed.

- Unless I'm mistaken, if the seeds hold serve wouldn't we play the Grizz in the first round? From the way things have gone so far that's the matchup I want.

- The Grizzlies seem to be one of those teams over the last few years who, even when it looks like they're going to be an easy out in the playoffs, give whoever they play in the 1st round hell. Granted, this does appear to be the worst version of the "Grit n' Grind" Grizzlies, but if healthy their sort of "Big 3" of Gasol, Conley, and Randolph is still very formidable and they're still ideally built and suited for the playoffs. And now they have Mario Chalmers who, for whatever reasons, turns into an All-Star and sometimes superstar caliber PG when he plays the Thunder.

- The thing with Memphis is, they're just a REALLY bad matchup for the Thunder right now. They can't punish Kanter on D enough, because their pick-and-roll game is just not strong, and they can't keep up with OKC on offense.

- The Grizzlies just aren't the Grizzlies anymore... end of our rivalry?

- What happened there? I didn't think much changed over the summer for them. Then again I don't really follow them too much.

- I've got a lot of respect for them and hope this is just a slump.