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Pinnacle Bank releases their Grizzlies debit card

The Memphis Grizzlies said farewell to their longtime partnership with First Tennessee Bank this summer and hello to Pinnacle Financial Partners. This, most importantly, ushers in a new era of Grizzlies debit cards. (YAY!! Security chips!! /s)

I don’t know much about Pinnacle Bank, but I do know that I came to despise First Tennessee so much over the past 10 years that I made a banking switch myself earlier this year. I wish I had waited so that I could once again sport the Grizz debit card, but I’ll just have to settle for having their logo on everything else that I own.

Aside from spiting First Tennessee, the locations of said Pinnacle Banks leave something to be desired from the perspective of accessibility. They’ve got a grand total of (2) TWO locations in Memphis right now, and neither is within 20 minutes of FedexForum.

Hopefully their presence grows to properly service the dedicated fans of Memphis. With the advent of an official debit card there’s no doubt the Grizzlies are all in for Pinnacle – they’ve even renamed the “Club Level” of FedexForum to the “Pinnacle Level.”