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Memphis Grizzlies get a Halloween makeover (via Uproxx)

It’s October, which means it’s time for candy and sports rebrands.

David Rappoccio, via Uproxx

Following up on his NFL project last year, David Rappoccio over at Uproxx has posted a list of NBA teams rebranded with Halloween themes. He’s done a pretty awesome job. Most of the logos are pretty cool looking, and in the case of the Clippers (who are rebranded as the Clowns), very appropriate.

As for Memphis, the Bears of Beale Street get renamed to the Ghouls, and their logo features the mask from Scream. It’s actually one of the cooler logos.

David Rappoccio, Uproxx

Check out the link and let us know what you think of the Ghouls logo, as well as which other logos you liked the most.

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