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Memphis Grizzlies Final Roster Predictions Part I: Williams, Adams, Carter

Thank goodness the dumb preseason is almost over. Who will still be on the roster this time next week? Sounds like a good Roundtable topic.

NBA: Preseason-Memphis Grizzlies at Houston Rockets Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason ends Wednesday, and with it another end will come for four players currently on the roster of the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies have 20 players on the roster as of this writing, and they cannot take more than 15 with them in to the regular season as it gets underway next week. Some players are enjoying their short stint in the NBA and surely see the writing on the wall, but others have put in work throughout training camp and the preseason slate and are likely hopeful that Memphis, or some other NBA team, will make their dream come true of being on a final NBA roster.

The Grizzlies would have to part with a player like Andrew Harrison (fully guaranteed contract for low dollars), Jordan Adams (former first round pick but chronically injured), or even Vince Carter (old, only $2 million guaranteed) in order to keep a Troy Williams or D.J. Stephens. Is it worth it? Is it even plausible? Who will be on the final roster for the 2016-2017 Memphis Grizzlies?

I feel a roundtable coming on. And it’s a two-parter! Part II will come out later this morning.

Participating today are myself, GBB Senior Features Writer Kevin Yeung, GBB Features Writers Chase Lucas and Brandon Conner, GBB Game Coverage Writer Elbert Hubbard Jr., and GBB Game Coverage Editor Jay Siskin.

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Has Troy Williams done enough in your opinion this preseason to secure a final roster spot?

  • JAY SISKIN (@jaysiskin)- I think he deserves consideration. This could go either way, in my opinion. Troy Williams has the NBA athleticism, but can he be a guy that Memphis can rely on to contribute as a role player right now? I can see him being the 14th or 15th man, but Williams may need some time to grow in the D-League. At 6-foot-7, he has the potential to be a solid three-and-D wing down the road. He has shown flashes during the preseason.
  • ELBERT HUBBARD JR. (@elbertjunior901)- I think I need to see more of him to make that call. He has some good numbers, but his free throw average is low for a small forward. Then again, he is a rookie. He is a project, for sure.
  • CHASE LUCAS (@deepfriedcouch)- In my opinion? Sure. That said, my opinion is based on far less information than what the front office and coaching staff are working with. I like his tools and clearly the raw numbers have been solid. I like the type of player he would theoretically be in the event he became good enough to crack an NBA rotation. If that version of him exists then I think he’d be a great fit.
  • BRANDON CONNER (@balllfromgrace)- Yes and no. Yes in the sense that he's done everything that's been asked of him. He's impressed the coaching staff, and he's performed sensationally on the court. But no in the sense that I don't think the front office will make the sort of roster move necessary to keep him. That's a real shame, too, because I wouldn't be surprised to see another team sign him. Williams may not make the Grizzlies, but the tape he's put out certainly looks like enough to land him on a roster somewhere else.
  • KEVIN YEUNG (@kevinHFY)- Well first off, a disclaimer: I haven't watched any preseason basketball, so everything to follow may be wildly off base. But that's never stopped me from getting off these opinions before.

Um, from looking at the stats and watching some YouTube highlights, I'd say that sure, I'd be down to have a guy like that on the roster. Troy Williams, on first glance, is jacked as all hell. At 6'7 and 218 lbs and with some nice preseason percentages, you can sign me up. Besides, whether or not you keep him on the roster -- since he's on a two-year non-guaranteed contract -- comes down to who you're willing to cut for him...

  • Joe Mullinax (@JoeMullinax)- A final roster spot somewhere later in the season? Perhaps. There is no denying his talent, and he has shown flashes to be sure. But will that equate to landing a job in Memphis? Unlikely...possible, but unlikely. A lot has to go down for Williams to make this roster- is the loss of potential trade pieces or other young players worth a guy who would be an end of the bench player anyway? Probably not.
NBA: Preseason-Philadelphia 76ers at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Whose place on the Memphis Grizzlies roster is in more jeopardy- Jordan Adams or Vince Carter?

  • Siskin- Jordan Adams. The talent is there, but he just can't stay healthy. Vince Carter, as old as he is right now, still has the ability to contribute here and there. Also, he's a veteran voice in the locker room.
  • Hubbard Jr.- I think Jordan Adams is in jeopardy of going to the D-League even if he is healthy, so why not look at waiving him? He hasn’t logged a single minute of action in a long time. Last season, he only shot 33% from the field in him limited action. For a guy who is supposed to get buckets, he didn’t do that enough. Adams for me.
  • Lucas- If we’re talking for opening night, I’ll say Jordan Adams. It seems that Fizdale values Vince and I don’t get the sense the Grizzlies would want to dump him yet. It’s hard to say anything about Adams without full medical information. If there's any kind of chance that he can recover and become a useful player then you gotta keep him around until you can get a look at game post-injury.
  • Conner- I'd have to lean Adams on this. Carter isn't what he once was (obviously), but he's still got enough left in the tank to offer a veteran presence on the wing, and I think Fizdale will be able to work with whatever Vince can offer. His contract also may make him a piece that can be moved in a trade at some point in the season. Adams, on the other hand, is still a giant question mark. I have no idea whether he'll even see the court this year, and it's conceivable that, if the team thinks they can get more out of one of the other wing players, that they'd cut ties with Adams early to make room. I don't see that as incredibly likely, but if I had to choose who has a better chance of being given the boot, I'd have to say it's Adams.
  • Yeung- Eh, I don't think Adams is going to play a whole lot now or ever, and the Grizzlies' wing depth is weak enough that Carter will probably a role at some point in the short term. You also retain some utility with Carter's non-guaranteed contract (until a January 1 deadline) as a trade piece, and he'll pad the Grizzlies' VETERAN LEADERSHIP metrics. I also just like Carter a lot.
  • Mullinax- It’s time to move on from Jordan Adams. The team probably won’t make that call, but they should. There are young players hungry and ready to play now. Adams likely will never be the guy Grizzlies fans hoped he would be. May as well get a player in there who can potentially contribute immediately.
NBA: Memphis Grizzlies-Media Day Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Would you consider waiving guard Andrew Harrison in favor or Williams or D.J. Stephens?

  • Siskin- At this moment, I don't think that is going to happen. Memphis will likely keep three point guards on the roster for insurance purposes. The backup point guard spot is still up in the air.
  • Hubbard Jr.- D.J. Stephens has more value than Andrew Harrison on the court. Looking at stats alone, not to mention his eye-popping athleticism, D.J. needs to stay. Harrison, although he was good in college, needs to go.
  • Lucas- Yes, for Williams. I’m not a fan of Harrison’s game. I think he has a low floor and a low ceiling. Williams and Harrison are the same age but Williams appears to at least have some shred of upside. No for D.J. He’ll be 26 in December. A roster spot is too valuable to be taken up by someone whose best case scenario is end of the bench guy who occasionally gets in the game and excites the crowd. I just don’t see his skill set as being well rounded enough to make it in the league in a meaningful capacity. The odds are against Williams and Harrison to achieve that as well but at least they're young. If the choice was only between Harrison & Stephens I’d keep Harrison but I wouldn't be too upset if they went the other way. However, I’d be confused if they kept Stephens over Harrison as well as Williams.
  • Conner- Absolutely not. At this point, regardless of how good Williams and Stephens have looked, the Grizzlies are still in need of someone to run the offense when Mike Conley is on the bench. And while Harrison played poorly in Vegas and early in preseason, he's really stepped his game up as of late. In fact, over the past couple of preseason games, Harrison has actually outplayed Baldwin. It's likely that both guys will go through their ups and downs this season, and I still think Baldwin's ceiling is far higher than Harrison's, but I see no reason to make your point guard situation worse just to add a little bit of young depth on the wing.
  • Yeung- Andrew Harrison's contract is fully guaranteed, but I've never been a huge believer. I would contract-dump Adams first, Harrison second and Carter third in order to make room for cool preseason guys, although I'm not that strongly set on that at all without having watched preseason.
  • Mullinax- Definitely not. I like the potential of both Wade Baldwin and Andrew Harrison (as I wrote about here) and Harrison’s contract is very team friendly. For the sake of the future fluidity of their books, they need to figure out what they have in Harrison. Adams is essentially dead weight at this point. If you love Stephens or Williams that much, cut ties with him.

Stay tuned for part II, coming later today.

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