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Memphis Grizzlies Final Roster Predictions Part II: Stephens & Roster Picks

Which likely Grizzlies cut will get another NBA chance?

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Welcome back! If you missed part one of our Final Roster GBB Roundtable on the Memphis Grizzlies, be sure to check it out here.

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Of those most likely to be waived (D.J. Stephens, Troy Williams, Vince Hunter, Wayne Selden, Chris Crawford), who has the best chance at being on Memphis' D-League team, the Iowa Energy, or even having an NBA career?

Jay Siskin, GBB Game Coverage Editor (@jaysiskin)- Vince Hunter had a solid season last year in the D-League. D.J. Stephens is a hometown favorite and is a tremendous athlete. Wayne Selden showed improvement his junior season at Kansas. I can also see Williams playing for the Iowa Energy. I think it will come down to Stephens, Williams or Hunter.

Elbert Hubbard Jr., GBB Game Coverage Writer (@elbertjunior901)- Crawford and Hunter will be in the D-League. Hunter will probably go to the Energy. Crawford will go somewhere else. Both players haven’t logged minutes yet, and it is late in the preseason to make an impact. Stephens has a great chance of making an NBA roster at some point, and Selden might make it or go to the Energy as well.

Chase Lucas, GBB Features Writer (@deepfriedcouch)- Not including Williams, I guess it’s between Stephens and Selden? I’ll say Stephens. I don’t know any actual thing about Hunter and Selden and just no for Crawford. D.J. Is clearly capable of being a good D-league player and I’d bet on him getting at least a 10-day from someone during the season.

Brandon Conner, GBB Features Writer (@ballfromgrace)- From the bits and pieces I've seen, I'd have to lean Stephens. I wrote the preview piece on him for GBB, and his athleticism, the fact that he's improved his shooting from outside, and an average defensive ability are all qualities that should at least allow the former Tiger a shot at an NBA roster. It's nearly impossible to see him making it in Memphis (based solely on roster crunch) but I don't see why some team lacking depth on the wing wouldn't give him a shot.

Kevin Yeung, GBB Senior Features Writer (@KevinHFY)- Oh man, I'm so out of my depth here. Um, I saw a cool D.J. Stephens Vine last week so I'll say him.

Joe Mullinax, GBB Site Manager (@JoeMullinax)- It’s almost certainly Stephens. He has shown a willingness to work on his game and adapt, and his freakish athleticism is tantalizing. I do believe you will see all of the above listed players in at least the D-League (outside of Crawford, perhaps), but Stephens will be the one who sticks on an NBA roster (and hopefully just obliterates the All-Star Dunk Contest)- just probably not in Memphis. Hunter, Williams, and Selden feel like likely choices for a run with the Iowa Energy like Andrew Harrison has last season.

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OK, projection time: Who will be on the final 15-man roster for the Memphis Grizzlies?

Siskin- Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Tony Allen, Chandler Parsons, JaMychal Green, Zach Randolph, Wade Baldwin IV, Deyonta Davis, Troy Daniels, James Ennis, Brandon Wright, Jarrell Martin, Vince Carter, Troy Williams, Andrew Harrison.

So long Jordan Adams. Stephens, Selden, Hunter all go play in Iowa with the Energy.

Hubbard Jr.- Well, Grizzlies fans might disagree but here goes…You have your core players in Conley, Gasol, Randolph, and Allen. You have your wing in Parsons with the starting five. Then you have JaMychal Green and D.J. Stephens. You have your bench players in Wright, Baldwin, Davis, Jarell Martin, Troy Williams, Troy Daniels, Vince Carter, and the last player will be James Ennis. Goodbye to Jordan Adams and Andrew Harrison.

Lucas- Conley, Baldwin, Harrison, Allen, Daniels, Carter, Adams, Parsons, Ennis, Randolph, Gasol, Green, Martin, Wright, Davis. No Stephens, no Williams.

Conner- Right now, I still don't see any changes. I think the fifteen contracts that they've got will be the ones that they take into the start of the season (Conley, Parsons, Gasol, Randolph, Allen, Carter, Daniels, Ennis, Baldwin, Adams, Davis, Martin, Green, Harrison, Wright). If I had to go out on a limb with a roster move hot take, though, I'd guess they ditch Adams in order to keep Williams.

Yeung- Conley, Parsons, Gasol, Z-Bo, Wright, Allen, Carter, Daniels, Ennis, Baldwin, Deyonta, Jarell, JaMychal, Harrison, Troy Williams. See ya Jordan Adams and D.J. Stephens. Oh, and Ryan Hollins on call.

Mullinax- I think there is a clear what they should do and what they will do here. Fourteen of the fifteen names are the same regardless- Conley, Baldwin, Harrison, Allen, Daniels, Carter, Parsons, Ennis, Green, Randolph, Martin, Gasol, Wright, Davis. Those guys should be locks- Carter bring a valuable veteran presence to an inexperienced bench, plus he could be a valuable trade piece. Harrison has too much size and capability to play any wing position to lose that versatility.

What they should do with spot #15? Give it to Troy Williams. Send him to Iowa to get game reps. Ship him to and from Iowa, keep him around and develop him, seeing as how Vince Carter is likely gone after this season. That would mean parting ways with Jordan Adams, but he will almost certainly never be again what he was even in flashes for the Grizzlies. Who knows what Williams will be as a finished product, but his ceiling today is higher than Adams is.

Now, will they do this? Probably not. I see Memphis keeping the fifteen contracts they have and hoping Adams can get healthy for a post All-Star run. But they have to decide on next season by October 31st, as our Matt Hrdlicka pointed out on Twitter, so time may not be on Adams’ side. If he can’t play this year, maybe this is indeed the time they look in to ways to parting with the contract. But they would really have to love Williams or Stephens to deal with an Adams release.

Perhaps they do. Williams is especially tantalizing. Another year, another end-of-the-bench bit of drama in Memphis.

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