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Vince Carter mentors DJ Stephens on the art of the dunk.

Legend and future sit down to watch highlights and talk shop about throwing down.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Clippers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Carter sat down with DJ Stephens to enjoy their intergalactic highlight reel of big-time jams.

It’s surreal to watch the greatest dunk artist of all time relishing in the Tiger alumnus’ high-flying body of work, but Stephens is a phenomenal athlete in his own right—he has the highest vertical ever recorded by the NBA.

From the legend to the apprentice: Vince Carter & DJ Stephens explain the art of the dunk.

Memphis Grizzlies 貼上了 2016年10月19日

Both manufacture incredible, acrobatic jams, but they’re dunk connoisseurs as well. They have a contagious excitement watching each others’ highlights, and you can tell how valuable Carter’s wisdom is for younger players’ careers.

We know DJ was born with a gift, but I cannot fathom how his game might develop beneath Vince Carter’s wing.

All this DJ love isn’t to say Vince doesn’t have much left in the tank. We know that he still has mad hops. There are even rumors that he, like a retired star returning to WrestleMania, may enter the Slam Dunk Contest this year.

We gotta give a big shout out to the Grizzlies and their invigorated emphasis on content-production for bringing us this delightful mid-air meeting-of-the-minds.

I look forward to the DJ and Vince’s jaw-dropping jams this season, as well as more videos from the Grizzlies and Grind City Media.