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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. New York Knicks

Grading out the individual performances in last night’s defeat at the hands of the New York Knickerbockers.


Mike Conley: 24 min, 11 p, 5 a, 5 r, -18

Not the greatest game from Captain Clutch. Like that Fizdale is restricting his minutes at the outset of the dreaded FoGaFiNi (four games in five nights), but Mike will have to be more productive than this for the Grizzlies to be competitive while the infirmary is working overtime.

Also, he got straight up cooked by D-Rose at one point:


Andrew Harrison: 25 min, 4 p, 2 a, +1

Trying to avoid the small sample size hot take here, especially in the first two games of his NBA career, but Harrison just doesn’t look like he belongs athletically. He’s extremely slow footed for a guard. Did a decent job playing tough defense and playing within his role, but the early returns on the Andrew Harrison experiment are not good.


James Ennis: 27 min, 16 p, 4 r, 1 a, +9

Ennis is proving himself to be an extremely capable wing with some really valuable skills. When Parsons comes back and Ennis is able to play a role more suited to his abilities (an energy guy off the bench who can hit some shots and play solid defense), he’ll be a really valuable piece of the puzzle.


JaMychal Green: 30 min, 10 p, 8 r, 1 b, -14

The good: switched adeptly on defense, crashed the boards better than usual, did a serviceable job on Carmelo.

The bad: still fouling too much, didn’t hit some open shots.


Marc Gasol: 31 min, 20 p, 6 r, 3 a, 1 b, -9

I’m just happy to see Gasol back out on the court and looking spry. He’s still knocking a bit of the rust off. I like that he’s taking those threes, but he sometimes looks a little hesitant pulling the trigger. The turn-around post jumper, even though it didn’t go in a few times, looks as good as ever.


Vince Carter: 25 min, 5 p, 3 r, 1 a, -9

Can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that a nearly 40 year old future Hall of Famer is playing big, somewhat productive minutes for us? That being said, Carter’s ideal role wouldn’t have him on the court this much. Once the other regulars return, here’s hoping his minutes reduce to somewhere around half this number.


Wade Baldwin IV: 22 min, 5 p, 3 a, 2 r, -10

The rookie continues to impress. Definitely still pushing it a little too hard sometimes, but you’d prefer to see that over laziness. That’s the biggest takeaway from Baldwin’s game thus far: he plays HARD. That, combined with his elite athleticism, portends well for his future.


Zach Randolph: 21 min, 13 p, 9 r, 2 a, +8

This role suits Randolph really well, and I like that Coach Fiz was flexible enough to play Z-Bo (THREE BO!) in crunch time to match up with the Knicks’ size. Randolph is going to devour second unit bigs for the remainder of the year, and the smaller load on his shoulders should keep the 35 year old fresh.


Jarell Martin: 13 min, 13 p, 3 r, 1 s, +0

A bright spot amongst the dysfunction last night. HOLY CRAP did you see how comfortable he looked shooting those threes? That is a good sign, nay, great sign for his development moving forward.


Troy Daniels: 12 min, 4 p, 1 a, -1

The fact that Daniels is such an elite shooter and still can’t find his way onto the court is concerning. Is he really that bad on defense? I guess he must be. Woof.


Troy Williams: 9 min, 3 p, 2 s, 1 a, +10

The star of the pre-season got his first NBA minutes last night and actually looked pretty good in those short runs. If he can find a long range shot, combined with his motor and quickness, there might be a place in the league for Williams.


Deyonta Davis:

Not enough time on the court to really judge where the raw rookie is at this point. He’s a long-term project and likely won’t see much real playing time this year, barring injury elsewhere (read: PLEASEGODNO).


Head Coach David Fizdale

I have to say — I’m a fan of the way he’s running the rotation and he has clearly stamped his offensive identity on the team’s collective mindset. But the porous defense and slow starts in both of the team’s first two games are cause for concern.