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Memphis Grizzlies 2016-2017 Player Previews: Troy Williams

What does the former Hoosier add to the Grizzlies, and will he be a regular part of the rotation?

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies-Media Day
Troy Williams brings an intriguing skill-set to Memphis
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

2015-2016 Overview

Troy Williams had a very inconsistent 2015-2016 year. He came in to Indiana as a top 30 recruit back in 2013, but struggled mightily to live up to that status. After two up and down seasons in 2014 and 2015, he came through with a Solid 2015-2016 season for Indiana, averaging 20.3 points and 8.9 assists per 40 minutes on 59.6% true shooting percentage. Even after a mostly successful and somewhat promising season, scouts questioned his fit and ability based off his overall track record. Williams went undrafted in the 2016 NBA draft, but received 5 camp offers shortly thereafter. He decided to go with the Grizzlies, and signed a partially guaranteed deal. He will be battling DJ Stephens and Wayne Selden for a roster spot.

Projected Role

If Williams makes the team I see him developing into a dynamic forward off the bench for the Grizz. Williams is an incredible athlete who combines his explosiveness and physical ability with great court speed. He is a solid 6’7 218 pounds, and should hold up well in the NBA game. His jump shot needs a little work, but I think that in time it can develop nicely. Running with the second unit, or even with the starters in a smaller faster lineup, might be a great role. His energy and speed off the bench would be another element to what could be a multi-faceted offensive attack. In addition his strength, height, lateral quickness and strength should help him become at least an average defensive player.

2016-2017 Best Case Scenario

Williams first of all makes the team. After that the goal would be for him to find a role that he can fit in and flourish under. Coach Fizdale should be able to unlock the potential that Troy has, and he should become an integral part of the rotation. He’ll embrace the city of Memphis, take over as a starter over Chandler Parsons in 3-4 years, bridge the next great Grizzly era, and become a Memphis Mainstay for years to come.

2016-2017 Worst Case Scenario

Troy Williams doesn’t make the Grizzlies final roster. Or even worse, he does make it, but then proceeds to waste his tantalizing potential and rot on the bench. Because of this and other extenuating circumstances Vince Carter is pushed to play heavy minutes he hasn’t seen since circa 2005. GBB does a “where are they now” feature on Troy, and he fades into obscurity, never to be seen again. (But no seriously worse case scenario he just doesn’t make the team)