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Preseason Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies v. Orlando Magic

Grades for everyone from the Grizzlies 102-97 win over the Magic on Monday night.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Orlando Magic Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Our first preseason game of the year is now officially in the books, so it’s time to hand out grades. Since it’s just preseason, and still the first game, grading will be pretty generous for the moment. (I’m also trying not to be too harsh since I’m having to operate based on a combination of box scores and Twitter.)

So, now, let’s hand out the early grades for last night’s win.

Mike Conley: A-

Conley managed to score 10 points in his 17 minutes of action, but his biggest move on the night was taking over briefly for David Fizdale as coach on the sideline. It was a move, according to Fizdale, designed to encourage Mike to be more of a leader.

Wade Baldwin IV: A+

The Grizzlies’ first round pick had some rough moments in Summer League and the scrimmage, but he showed some flashes in preseason action on Monday.

Even Chris Herrington seemed impressed, though he didn’t want to get too ahead of himself.

Wayne Selden: B-

Selden only played 12 minutes, but managed to hit a huge three to give the Grizzlies a late lead. It also prompted this terrible pun. I always love a bad pun.

Troy Williams: C+

The forward who had managed to stand out in camp didn’t show up big in the box score, but managed a respectable +/- of +10.

Brandan Wright: B+

The preseason is for working on things, so Brandan Wright worked on his post game.

Vince Carter: C+

Vince finished his night just 1-of-4 from three in limited playing time. No surprise there.

Troy Daniels: C

0-for-1 from three in 8 minutes. C’mon, Troy, where are the threes?!

James Ennis: A

Ennis continued his hot start to camp by scoring 10 points in his 21 minutes, including shooting 100% from the field and picking up 5 rebounds and 2 steals to go with his 8 points.

Marc Gasol: A

By all accounts, Marc has looked to be in great shape and is playing well early in camp. He also took two shots from beyond the arc in his limited playing time. Is the fabled Gasol long game finally going to actualize? Everyone hopes so.

JaMychal Green: B-

The biggest surprise of the night was JaMychal taking Z-Bo’s spot in the starting five. It’s too early to know if that’s going to be a regular occurrence, but it bears watching.

Andrew Harrison: C+

Harrison didn’t get off to a great start, but he managed to pick up his play and managed to finish with 11 points in 16 minutes, shooting 50% from the field.

Zach Randolph: B

Z-Bo came in off the bench, did some Z-Bo things, and enjoyed all but 10 minutes of game time in this one.

DJ Stephens: A+


Tony Allen, Tony Wroten, Chris Crawford, Deyonta Davis: Incomplete

Both players named Tony sat this one out, robbing us of the chance of seeing Allen play point guard. Crawford not playing is much less of a surprise than Wroten, considering Wroten is supposedly vying for a spot at backup point guard. Davis is still nursing a foot injury.