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Minnesota Timberwolves maul Memphis Grizzlies: 116 - 80

A short-handed Grizzlies squad falls to the emerging stars in Minnesota.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Minnesota Timberwolves Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Gasol and Mike Conley watched tonight’s game from the bench, as the Minnesota Timberwolves drubbed a Grizzlies rotation packed with playing time for its younger, less experienced players.

For a hot second, it looked like the Grizzlies were going to hang in with the Timberwolves in their third meeting this year, but Memphis fell behind by the end of the first quarter, and never recovered. The Timberwolves rode strong performances from its key players to a crushing defeat, with a lead that ballooned as high as 40 points.

The Grizzlies coughed up the ball over twenty times, as did the Timberwolves, but Memphis failed to make Minnesota pay for their mistakes.

The Timberwolves also out-shot the Grizzlies at 55.1% FG and 60% from deep while Memphis shot 36.5% and 16.7% respectively. The Timberwolves dominated the boards with 49 rebounds to the Grizzlies’ 32, and shared the ball well with 29 assists to Memphis’ 10.

KAT was on point as usual, and Wiggins had a nice game, hitting jumpers out to the three point line, dropping dimes, and burning the Grizzlies in transition. Zach LaVine torched the Grizzlies, sinking 5 threes and scoring 31 points to lead all scorers.

Kris Dunn had a solid game filling in for Ricky Rubio, and showed flashes of his play-making potential on several occasions. I’m seeing why some view Dunn as the PG of Minnesota’s future over Ricky Rubio.

The Grizzlies struggled mightily without Marc and Mike, and nearly everyone pitched in for a disjointed performance. Memphis looked reminiscent of their team from last year: falling behind big while ball-movement stagnated and the offense stalled.

Wade Baldwin showed more flashes as a potential scorer, but continues to prove he’s a long way off from solving the backup PG problem. Still, we gotta take a moment to appreciate this jaw-dropping assist to Jarell Martin.

Troy Williams and Deyonta Davis were nice bright spots in this otherwise forgettable game. Williams played like he’s still competing for a roster spot, diving after balls and attacking the rim with reckless abandon. He’s like a boost of nitro for the offense. He also blocked Andrew Wiggins so hard it almost shattered the backboard.

Deyonta Davis turned in a nice, stoic performance from the bench, scoring 17 pts in 26 minutes, with 6 rebounds and 2 blocks. He benefited from a couple of nice (and sometimes ugly) Andrew Harrison assists, and showed his talents at finishing above and around the rim.

The Grizzlies return to Memphis to take on the Pelicans tomorrow at 7 PM.

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