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GBB Mailbag: Trade Talk/Rio’s Return?

This week’s mail bag breaks down shooting guard minutes as well as potential roster moves for the Memphis Grizzles.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Clippers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the GBB Mailbag! Every Tuesday we take email/Twitter/Facebook questions about the Memphis Grizzlies (and sometimes other topice) from you, the wonderful content viewing audience, and send them off to three members of our staff to answer. This week, our contributing writers are Game Coverage Writer Andrew Millen, Senior Features Writer Matt Hrdlicka, and Multimedia Editor Matt Preston.

Lets get to it.

Question 1, from Preston Duff on Twitter-

Matt Preston (@grizzlam)- Wade Baldwin. He's got a higher ceiling than Andrew Harrison and most potential veteran PGs we'd be able to bring in, but the Grizzlies don't have time to take on his project right now. Fizdale has already shown his player-development abilities, but the PG position is too crucial and in need of a steady player for Memphis to afford the time it'll take for Baldwin to be consistently productive.

League-wide, I think all eyes are on Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins in Sacramento. For years, I've envisioned him in Oklahoma City, and they should now have the means to make space for him next to Westbrook. Dave Joerger would love Steven Adams, and Russell playing alongside DeMarcus Cousins would be the ultimate risk-reward scenario.

If things go poorly, such a move could set OKC back a decade, but why wouldn't you attempt to combine the league's two most wanton superstars?

Andrew Millen (@andrewsmillen)- Brandon Wright is theoretically a valuable asset, but is now out for a couple of months, so a trade involving him before January is not likely. A bundle of him with Baldwin, Harrison, or Troy Daniels, could be traded for a veteran backup point guard (the Grizzlies’ eternal white rabbit) before the trade deadline...maybe. Probably wishful thinking at this point due to health concerns.

League-wide, the smart money is on Boogie to be out of Sacramento before 2017. I like Matty P’s idea of combining him with Westbrook in OKC – that’s a team I’d love/hate to see in the playoffs.

Matt Hrdlicka (@theRealHrdlicka)- I think JaMychal Green is the guy I'd be trying to trade. He has the most value of anybody who is not irreplaceable.

League wide: {deep breath} about 15% of the league, and five 1st round picks, but the big names: Westbrook, Boogie, Rudy Gay, Aaron Gordon, Nerlens Noel, & Brandon Knight.

Question 2, email question from GBB reader Ry-

Given the new make-up of the Grizz, with Fizdale at the helm, one of his former coaches, with Mario Chalmers getting closer to physically healthy and game ready do you see any room on the roster for him, if he was willing to come back? Would it make sense for Memphis?

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Denver Nuggets Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Preston- Absolutely. The Grizzlies are salivating for a steady, veteran backup point guard. If Chalmers returns to the form he was in before last season's injury, Mario fits that bill perfectly. Bringing him back would probably spell the end for Baldwin or Harrison. If only we hadn't given Troy Daniels all that money...

Millen- Yes, yes, yes. I much prefer this scenario to the one I outlined in question one. If we can keep Wright and somehow replace Harrison and Baldwin with Chalmers, that would be great. Plus, our overhauled training staff would be very patient with Mario getting back to full strength.

Site Manager Joe Mullinax (tagging in for Hrdlicka on this question)- A return for Chalmers is surely possible as he heals up, but is unlikely at this time. The Grizzlies are trying to figure out what they have in Andrew Harrison and Wade Baldwin, and also they have now 15 guaranteed contracts on the roster. Are they willing to pay someone not to play for them to bring in Rio? Maybe, but if the team thinks they can bring along Baldwin or Harrison in that role there just may not be room for Chalmers.

A 2 for 1 trade to create that space is also possible, but most NBA teams have full 15-man rosters at this point of the season. There'd a lot of obstacles to overcome for Chalmers to be a Grizzly again, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Question 3, from GBB reader Will Key (@wkey93)- Who should be logging the most bench minutes behind James Ennis at shooting guard with Tony Allen currently out?

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Clippers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Preston- If he weren't so old and valuable, I'd say Vince Carter in a heartbeat. However, he's too old and valuable. We shouldn't over-exert him early on. We need him healthy and playing like he is now for the playoffs. If the offense performs well enough not to need his production every night, I'd like to see Troy Williams get more playing time.

Millen- I think the Grizzlies can go slightly bigger with Williams at the 2 and Deyonta Davis alongside Randolph, or even Gasol. Conley could also play off the ball with Harrison bringing it up, which he’s done in the past. I like Carter at the 2 as long as he remains hot. He’s old and (probably) fragile, yes, but I say we wring every last bit of good basketball out of that lovable old rag while we can.

Hrdlicka- The problem is that Fizzle has no set answer night to night. I'd like to say Wade Baldwin, because I think playing him at SG will help him this year. Young guys are inconsistent, and old guys are too (for a different reason). Even Ennis, though in his prime, is still figuring out how to play.

Instead of copping out completely, I'll just take this chance to defend Andrew Harrison. He has been bad, and I'm skeptical about his potential, but I don't think he is a lost cause. Fiz should keep playing all of these guys until we have more answers, and that includes Harrison, who nobody should close the book on just yet.

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