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Grizz vs. Mavs GameThread

The Grizzlies are in Dallas for Chandler Parsons' return.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Chandler Parsons and Mark Cuban used to be pretty tight.

ESPN's Tim MacMahon outlined that relationship, and how it ultimately fell to a business decision, in an awesome article that went live today. Parsons makes his return to Dallas tonight, now as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies, and the concerns of Cuban still linger over the decision to offer Chandler a max contract. The Grizzlies saw Parsons as worth it, but the wing is not quite right. His knee is clearly not 100%, or his faith in it is not 100%, and Parsons is still on a minutes limit for Memphis.

Surely Chandler wants to have a tremendous game in his former home arena. But whether or not he is physically able to play at the level necessary to succeed in Dallas tonight remains to be seen.

Please act respectfully as we enjoy this 21st century basketball experience. All opinions and "hot takes" are welcome as long as they are communicated intelligently and with attention of the golden rule- "don't be a jerk." Also, please do NOT post any illegal streaming links anywhere in the comments or elsewhere on the site.

Thanks as always to numberFire for their GameThread game preview. Go Memphis, beat Dallas.