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Grizz vs. Heat Part Deux GameThread

The NBA schedule is a real pain sometimes.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season is a real grind. Here's some facts about the schedule of the Memphis Grizzlies the past nine games (including part II of the Fizdale Bowl tonight in Miami) to back it up-

  • The Grizzlies have played these nine games over the course of 14 days.
  • Memphis has been in a different city each game, including Memphis twice, but not for consecutive games.

That's quite a handful...and it doesn't get much easier until the schedule turns to December 1st and 3rd, when Memphis will finally get two games in a row. Considering the schedule the past two weeks, and the fact that tonight's game against the Heat is the second of a home and home back to back, it is certainly possible that minutes will be limited and legs will be tired. Something to watch for.

Please act respectfully as we enjoy this 21st century basketball experience. All opinions and "hot takes" are welcome as long as they are communicated intelligently and with attention of the golden rule- "don't be a jerk." Also, please do NOT post any illegal streaming links anywhere in the comments or elsewhere on the site.

Thanks as always to numberFire for tonight's GameThread Game Preview. Go Memphis, beat Miami (part deux).

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