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Five Questions with SacTown Royalty

Brad Geiser of SacTown Royalty joins today to get you set as the Kings roll into Memphis.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Joerger will be back in FedExForum tonight as the Kings roll into town for a showdown with the Grizzlies, fresh off a win agains the LeBron-less Cavaliers.

To help get you ready for Memphis’ first matchup with Boogie and the Kings, GBB continue it’s new 5 Questions series. Today, we have SacTown Royalty’s own Bradley Geiser, who is responsible for, among other things, this brilliant piece of editing:

Once you’ve finally finished laughing, check out what Brad had to say about the Kings!

1. It always gets thrown around, but is this the year that the Kings actually trade Boogie? Or is there still some sort of win/loss breaking point that they'd need to hit before they'd really consider it?

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I think that the only way that Boogie gets traded this year is if they hit some sort of disaster. I really think this team wants to try to salvage this and get him to buy into the future. In a decade of bad picks and mismanagement, Boogie has been the lone player the Kings have developed right and stuck with. With that sort of history, I don't buy us trading him this year for anything other than a home run deal, and that is what I would do if it were up to me.

On the other end, however, this is our best chance to get value for him, so others may say that this is the last chance we have to trade him for value if it is a foregone conclusion that he is gone. I am not sure it is as foregone as people say. I think it's a likely outcome if the team does not improve, but if the team can get some sort of upswing, I believe the team can keep him. He has stated multiple times that he wants to build a legacy here, and I do believe that, but the team needs to start giving him hope for this to happen if we want it to be realistic. We shall see!

2. There's been other rumors that Rudy Gay might be on the move since he won't re-sign in Sacramento, and Casspi's name has been thrown around as a trade candidate as well. How likely do you think it is that one or either of these guys gets traded?

I will be shocked if Rudy Gay is on this team much longer. He has a movable deal and has stated he does not intend to stay here. Though I don't expect for the Kings to get some crazy deal for him, many Kings fans would love to see them taking a chance on a young project such as Mario Hezonja if it were possible (other pieces would need to come into play). Rudy is a very good player who (as you guys probably know) has a knack for getting in his own, and by extension the team's way because of it. As an expiring deal, I think the team will try to get SOMETHING for him rather than just letting him walk, even if that something is small.

I am not sure Casspi moves, especially if Rudy ends up getting dealt. He has started to get more minutes, and has expressed his love for this team. Casspi is one of the more underrated role players in the league due to being here in Sacramento. He is the very definition of an energy guy who, while sporadic, is extremely fun to watch. His energy is infectious, and he is often in the mix when the Kings get these random bursts of energy, such as the 38-8 run against the Lakers earlier this week.

3. What changes has Joerger made to schemes that were previously run, and how has that affected offense/defense? Do you think they match-up well with the Grizzlies or will a lot of this come down to Boogie/Gasol?

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

For one, there appear to be actual schemes. Last year was a lost season both offensively and defensively as Karl was collecting a check and going at it with the team that employed him. With Joerger, while he is far from perfect, I can see the methods to his madness. There are certain things I question about him, such as his insistence on playing Boogie and Koufos together. I appreciate that he gave an answer as to why, and it is not a terrible answer (he wants Koufos to take attention off Boogie). I think there have been certain other issues I have had with his rotations, but as a new coach on a weirdly assembled team, I don't take too much issue with it, and actually appreciate that he gives some a little bit of time before changing it up.

Against the Grizzlies, it would be asinine for me to say that we match up well. You guys seem to have a very well-oiled team who is playing well through this adversity. All of our games come down to Boogie, though, and I feel like there have been mixed results against Gasol. I look forward to seeing them go at it! Guys like Gasol who have those bigger bodies are the ones who give Boogie the most fits, but on three days of rest going in, I look forward to seeing how Joerger uses him against a front court whom he knows quite well.

4. Has there been any change in culture under Joerger or are there still the same issues with the front office?

Despite some non-basketball issues involving this team, they appear to be a cohesive unit. There seems to be a little more accountability on the floor, as I have seen guys, be it Boogie or Collison, take teammates aside (or just yell at them) and talk to them mid-game. I don't think this is a bad thing. I want a team who holds each other accountable. I also notice the team focusing on getting out after rebounds. There have been a lot of football passes on fast breaks to varying degrees of success.

It's a work in progress, but the passing is also a greater focus. I would actually like it more, but there have been more plays with multiple passes than I remember last year, where one-pass plays were often run through Rondo. Boogie introduced the three-ball last year, but the team is doing much better at getting him the right kinds of threes. He forces a few, but a vast majority are taken in rhythm, and with him shooting well, that opens up the floor greatly as it makes him that much harder to guard.

5. The Kings are currently just outside the playoff picture. Do you think this team has a reasonable shot at the postseason at this point in the season, or are you more skeptical?

It would be stupid of me to expect the playoffs, but as a Kings fan, if we are sniffing the postseason, I can't help but dream. For this to happen, however, I think they need to fortify that front court. The two-guards have not been consistent. I think Afflalo has done fine, but Ben McLemore is far too inconsistent and we haven't seen much Malachi. I wonder if this is an issue that Vlade and Catanella may try to appease with a Rudy Gay trade. In short, as long as we are mathematically in the picture, we have a shot, but it would be naive of me to expect the playoffs until the team cleans some things up, especially after a decade without them.

Thanks again to Brad over at SacTown Royalty! Be sure to follow him on Twitter (@therealbradg) for Kings insight and good #content.

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