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Grizz vs. Kings GameThread

Conley, the warrior.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

There's an NBA game in Memphis tonight. Dave Joerger is coming back for the first time, Rudy Gay is out due to injury. Those are worthwhile stories.

And then, there is freaking Mike Conley.

Mike Conley, who is returning early (although six weeks always felt a little bit long) from a BROKEN BACK. But should we be surprised? This is a man who played with a broken face. Who has played through an assortment of ailments throughout his career. This is a guy, along with Marc Gasol, where if the question regarding a potential return is related to "pain tolerance", he will almost always be back before most imagine he will be.

It is just another reason to look to our "conductor" as a leader on this team. He is a freaking warrior. Welcome back, Captain Clutch.

Please act respectfully as we enjoy this 21st century basketball experience. All opinions and "hot takes" are welcome as long as they are communicated intelligently and with attention of the golden rule- "don't be a jerk." Also, please do NOT post any illegal streaming links anywhere in the comments or elsewhere on the site.

Thanks as always to numberFire for our GameThread Game Preview! Go Memphis, beat Sacramento!