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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Orlando

They weren’t happy.

View from the Enemy

It’s back! Here is “The View From the Enemy”, for the Memphis Grizzlies’ game against the Orlando Magic, according to Magic SB Nation Blog Orlando Pinstriped Post’s GameThread and Twitter account.


Because of the Memphis injury situation, the Magic are indeed favored in this game

Orlando (7-11 SU, 3-5 road, 6-11 ATS) is a 3 1/2-point favorite, and a -170 favorite on the moneyline. Memphis (11-8 SU, 5-4 home, 9-10 ATS) is a +150 underdog, with an over/under of 189.

Per, the Grizzlies have an offensive rating of 99.7 (26th) and a defensive rating of 101.7 (8th), for a net rating of -2.0 (18th). The Magic have an offensive rating of 95.6 (30th) and a defensive rating of 101.3 (5th), for a net rating of -5.7 (27th).

In addition to the eight-game losing streak in Memphis, the Magic have lost 9 of their last 10 games overall to the Grizzlies, having defeated them last April in Orlando. Also, the Magic have lost 13 of their last 14 games in Memphis. (

Could be merciful.

First Half-

It’s been a sloppy start, but the team’s still hanging close. In other news, I did not know that Gasol had started shooting the three so well and so often (42% on 3.6 attempts per game). That’s scary.

Frustrating quarter, but a nice end to it. Not bad, not bad.

I loved Memphis’ draft this year. Good haul, considering they didn’t have great picks.

Special “Jeff Green Hatred” section-

I love possessions that end with Jeff Green desperation 3's that hit the shot clock.

For all the “bad” that exists on this Magic team, It really feels like Every. Single. Bit. of it is magnified 10x when Jeff Green is on the court.

Jeff Green is the anti-LeBron. LeBron makes everyone on the team better. Green does the opposite. By the same amount.

Oh darn, Green is back in. Let’s see how this goes.

Are you serious, Jeff?

This is going to keep him in the rotation for at least another 15 games.


Rode the Jeff Green train just a little too long. lol.

Oh brilliant. Bring in Jeff Green.


that was an abomination.

You. Cannot. Trust. Payton. Awful decision making again and again and again.

Vogel’s got no one to blame but himself for this loss. He left that lineup out there too long. If not for being bailed out by Fournier, we wouldn’t have had a chance to win. He changed that starting lineup for a reason, I thought? Yet he left it in for the majority of the 4th.

Twitter Interaction of the Night-

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