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Magic leave the Grizzlies spellbound, beat Memphis 112-102

There’s always tomorrow.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Orlando Magic Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies struggled mightily, especially on defense, on their way to losing Monday night in Orlando 112-102. The Grizzlies never had the energy or execution they needed to compete with the Magic on this night.

The first half of the game was just a complete suckfest (yes, that is the technical term) for Memphis. Defensively they had no answer for the Magic as Orlando lapped them in the first quarter 36-18 and extended upon that lead in the second quarter. Rotations were slow, communication was poor, and the Grizzlies suffered because of it. Four Magic players scored in double figures in the first half, led by Jodie Meeks with 13 points, and they outplayed Memphis in nearly every facet of the game. Here are some more horrific first half statistical examples-

  • Orlando shot 57.8% overall in the first half. Memphis shot 39.5%.
  • The Magic assisted on 15 of their 26 made first half baskets. The Grizzlies assisted on six of 15 made shots.
  • Orlando had 26 rebounds, while Memphis had only 14.
  • The Magic had 13 fast break points. The Grizzlies had 0.

The second half began with a Marc Gasol make...and aside from a fun two-dribble fast break the basketball beat down continued throughout the rest of the game. The Grizzlies just lacked what it took to win in this game, and the Orlando Magic rightly took advantage on their way to routing Memphis. Aaron Gordon dominated the third quarter (15 points in the third period, 30 points in the game), and while the Grizzlies bench showed signs of life in the fourth quarter to cut the lead to 10 by the end of the game, it just wasn’t enough. Orlando was just better in this contest.

The good news? Believe it or not, there is some.

  • Memphis is now 14-5 after this game against teams with losing records. This game was a let down, no doubt, especially after the big win over Houston on Friday night. But all in all, the Grizzlies are winning the games they are supposed to.
  • Mike Conley continued to look like he is coming back in to his own after his injury, at least offensively (20 points on 9 shots).
  • Troy Daniels played hard until the end, scoring 16 in the fourth quarter.
  • No Grizzly played more than 30 minutes, which is always a plus when a team is going through a back to back set.
  • Speaking of back to backs, Memphis is back in action Tuesday night in Boston against the Celtics. Hopefully the Grizzlies can have a short-term memory and continue with their remarkable success in the second game of back to backs (8-0 so far this season).

This game was not good. Chandler Parsons was not good (not time to worry, but still disappointing), the usually stellar Grizzlies defense was not good. It was just an all-around loss on a lot of levels. But there is another game tomorrow...

That is the nice thing about the NBA regular season. There is always another game to play.

There’s always tomorrow.

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