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Memphis Grizzlies Trade Courtney Lee to Charlotte Hornets as Part of Three-Team Trade with Miami, Acquire Chris "Birdman" Andersen, Second Round Picks

The Grizzlies said goodbye to Courtney Lee today in one of the first trades of the 2016 deadline in what can only be described as a move looking to the future.

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And a multi-tweet Woj Bomb fell over Grizz nation...

So, to recap what exactly was exchanged...

The Miami Heat acquired Brian Roberts from the Charlotte Hornets as a back-up Point Guard.

The Charlotte Hornets acquired Courtney Lee, a solid three-and-D player from the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Memphis Grizzlies acquired P.J. Hairston, a 23-year old wing (and former first round pick) and two second-round picks from the Charlotte Hornets, as well as two additional second round picks (one of which being heavily protected) and Chris Andersen, AKA "Birdman", from the Miami Heat.

This trade calls in to question what exactly the Grizzlies plan on doing as Thursday's Trade Deadline approaches. Hairston is a young asset who has shown the ability to chuck three-point shots (3.6 attempts in 19.5 minutes in Charlotte) but not at a particularly good percentage as a career 30.7% three-point shooter. Andersen has played very little for Miami this season, having logged only 36 minutes of playing time, and could potentially be bought out by Memphis...or given a larger role considering the health issues of Marc Gasol and the need to potentially move on from Ryan Hollins as his second 10-day contract expires.

Losing Lee hurts Memphis' immediate prospects, but after the Gasol injury the likelihood of a Memphis playoff run became limited at best, darn near impossible at worst. This provides the Grizzlies with ammunition to perhaps execute another move before Thursday's deadline, or even this Summer, while getting a young player in Hairston and not hurting their opportunities in free agency this July one bit. Even if "Birdman" sticks with Memphis, his contract expires this Summer and is only a rental quick-fix at most.

A cupboard that was once bare has a few more pieces in it, and Memphis may not be done yet. If the Grizzlies miss the playoffs this year, their first round pick in 2016 will go to the Denver Nuggets, and this became more likely if this is indeed the only moving that Memphis does between now and Thursday. In a weaker draft this Summer, however, this may not be the worst thing, as the 2017 draft class promises to have more talent theoretically.

This is one of those deals that can be more accurately graded once the next step is revealed by the Grizzlies' Front Office, if there is one.

Stay with GBB for updates as the Trade Deadline approaches Thursday.

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