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Recapping the Enemy: The View From New Orleans

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Pelicans fans.

Pre-game views

- Hopefully we can win this game because the Spurs at home will be really tough.

- Vince Carter is what, like 54 now?

- Pelicans owned the Grizz last season. Time for a win this year!

- Key to beating the Grizz is execution, each and every trip. And on defense, limit second attempts.

In-game views

- Cole started 3/4, he's going to be hot tonight. Let the stupid shots fly.

- We can't defend Gasol for shite this year

- Man they are just pounding it inside.

- How are we winning right now? Memphis is shooting like 80% right now

- Pels looking like soft baby turds

- Chalmers. Could have heaved it well before the buzzer but he pulled it back to make sure he shot after the buzzer as to not affect his fg%

- For the love of frick. Way to choke against these olde bastards

- f**k THE GRIZZLIES. Always play insane against us.

- Griz shutting us down

- f**k you vince. Retire already

- This team has no chest. They crumble. Absolutely getting bitched by some old guys.

Post-game views

- No team gets away with more shoves than Memphis

- Defensive philosophy tonight sucked. Scrap it and don't ever use it again.

- I hate that we can never beat the Grizzlies

- Lack of closing showed tonight. Didn't help that Vince was the Vince of old.

- I'm really starting to hate Memphis

- Memphis just had a freakish game, oh well

- Bad game from Jrue plus the Grizzlies turning into the Warriors = loss.

- This is the most pissed off watching this team I've been all year. I'm furious. Letting Vince carter that old bastard eat them alive

- Had a big lead and end up losing by 15 is unacceptable. They were man handled tonight, per usual vs Memphis.

- Memphis are kind of like a Shar pei puppy..wrinkled, powerfully ugly but cute in their own way.