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Report Card: New Orleans Pelicans vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Grading out the individual performances in the Grizzlies' runaway 110-95 win over the Pelicans Monday night in New Orleans.



Mike Conley: 28 min, 17 p, 10 a, 4 r, 1 s, 1 b, +23

Conley continues to look better and better. His steadying presence was apparent in the fourth quarter. It will be interesting to see whether or not he continues to improve as his health does, but at the very least it's good to see Mike back and being productive.



Courtney Lee: 28 min, 7 p, 1 r, 2 b,  +4

Cooling off a bit after a recent hot streak, Courtney was neither good nor bad in this effort. Missed a couple of threes but they were good shots. Will he follow his usual up-and-down pattern after shooting 47% from three in January? He's healthy and back in his comfortable role in the starting line-up, so here's hoping.



Tony Allen: 32 min, 2 p, 7 r, 1 a, +2

As per usual, Tony made his presence known on the defensive end, bothering the Pelicans' backcourt with his trademark tenacity. But in order for Tony to be effective come playoff time, he'll have to make some kind of impact on the offensive end. He's a smart cutter and a great offensive rebounder for a guard -- need to see more of that.



Zach Randolph: 33 min, 22 p, 12 r, 1 a, +18

That was vintage Z-Bo. Zach Lowe was very complimentary.



Marc Gasol: 32 min, 14 p, 3 r, 7 a, 2 b, +21

Another solid outing from Big Spain. Did a good job facilitating the offense, finishing with 7 assists, and did about as good of a job as one can hope to contain the Brow. Also, really interesting thoughts on Gasol's declining rebounding this year in Chris Herrington's insightful Pick-and-Pop from yesterday.



Jeff Green: 34 min, 24 p, 7 r, 1 a, 1 s, +16

Who are you and what have you done with the Jeff Green we knew? The question at this point: does he have more value to us in the immediate future (knowing we won't re-sign him) or as a trade chip steadily increasing in value? I tend to lean towards the latter, but there's no doubt that he has been crucial recently as our leading scorer in each bout of this four game winning streak.



JaMychal Green: 9 min, 2 p, 1 r, 2 a, +3

Not getting enough consistent minutes to get a real read. #FreeJaMychal



Mario Chalmers: 21 min, 9 p, 3 r, 4 a, 2 s, -9

A solid overall game from Mr. Chalmers. Also, nifty spin move there, Mario. Reminscient of "NICE MOVE BY BENO".



Vince Carter: 19 min, 13 p, 2 r, 1 a, +6

I caught some heat in the last report card about Vince, but I have to give him his due credit here. I think he may have found the fountain of youth. He's getting his legs under shots and is providing exactly the kind of punch the Grizzlies signed him for. I'm cautiously optimistic that he can keep it up... very cautious.



Ryan Hollins: 5 min, -9



Head Coach Dave Joerger

Apologies for beating a dead horse, but the Ryan Hollins experiment is going nowhere. He won't be on the team next year and he isn't ostensibly better than JaMychal Green now. Why not develop a guy who has a future on the team? Regardless, overall solid work from the coach again in this one. I love the way he's being careful reintegrating Mike Conley back in slowly.