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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Toronto

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Raptors fans.

Pre-game views

- Easy loss

- somebody gunna get in a fight, thats all i know

- Going to this game with my bud, rocking fresh all Star gear......Cause that's all our players care about anyway

- which scrub is gonna go off on us this time, JaMychal Green?

- I'm very curious to see how the Grizz are gonna look with Lance replacing the production of Jeff Green and Courtney Lee. They could either stay at the level they're at or totally implode. I don't see any way in which they elevate from the team they had pre-deadline.

In-game views

- Who DaFuq is this scrub Vince Carter lighting us up.

- Randolph still has that offensive game. Horrible defender. But one of the best low post scorers of his generation. Underrated.

- Our rich crowd is embarrassing

- Some Raptors fans are dumb. Why are they booing Vince

- Grizz looking like the 6ers without Gasol.

- Midget Lowry can't guard Lance. Casey is a buffoon.

- **** Tony Bothers. Stephenson careens towards the net and he bails him out. Blind moron.

- Oh oh, vince is pissed.

Post-game views

- Not a pretty win by any means but I partially blame the whistle tonight. Refs thought fans paid to see them.

- not a fake win, but a win despite the same issues that cause losses. Maybe by virtue of this Grizzlies team just being worse.

- lance is gonna do so well in memphis

- absolutely disgusted with this game

- I'm pretty sure Gasol could tear this team apart.