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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Los Angeles

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Lakers fans.

Pre-game views

- Out of topic, but last night I had a dream about Kobe, he announces that this will be the final game he is starting. Might not be this game, might not ever happen, but whatever, lets hunt down the Grizzlies and get push into the lake.

- I expect a good competitive game tonight.

In-game views

- Damn it must suck to learn Kobe won't play the day of the game you have tickets to.

- Randle BLOWS the layup.

- wow...i knew it was bad, but they just said Randle's shooting 24% on any shot outside the paint.

- swiss cheese defense.

- Lol Brown should never come out the game. He is literally the only one that can defend.


- Dlo gonna be better than DeRon willIams. Guaranteed.


- Well hopefully the Grizz cool off from downtown. Only reason they're up.

- I'm afraid to watch the second half because Hibbert is starting.  He has 0 rebounds this game.

- How is Byron not fired right now?

Post-game views

- With Kobe we'd be down by 40 if he had a off shooting night or down by 20 if he was on..same (bleep).

- The only thing lit is the dumpster fire that is Byron's approach to the game.

- We did so much better with Kobe against the Grizz!  Also, the team was fine when DLO was put there.

- I'm pretty sure prospective free agents already know about our dumpster fire considering they top FA have career nights against us.

- Have you seen Kobe this season? Give Air Vince Kobe's shot attempts this season and he probably averages better numbers.