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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Grading out the individual performances in the Grizzlies' 112-95 over the Fightin' Kobes of Los Angeles

Everybody's sleeping on the #GoonSquad. We like it that way.

Speaking of sleep... These late West Coast games are tough, y'all.

Emoji 5



Mike Conley: 29 min, 17 p, 7 a, 1 r, 1 a, +29

+29?! SAVAGE Mike Conley.



Three.J. Hairston: 30 min, 21 p, 4 r, 1 s, +6

A career-high 21 points on 5-9 shooting from three.


The sad part is that if Hairston keeps playing like this, Memphis won't be able to re-sign him. Womp. Regardless, let's hope this upward trend continues.



Matt Barnes: 29 min, 0 p, 7 r, 3 a, 1 s, 1 b, +22

Barnes has this weird habit of completely disappearing from the box score without playing ostensibly terrible basketball. His contributions are felt in other areas -- what John Calipari used to call "nitty grittys". No worries, he'll find his shot.



Zach Randolph: 25 min, 15 p, 10 r, 5 a, +14

A satisfyingly-symmetrical 15, 10, and 5 line from our favorite terrifying teddy bear. Once again he took the Lakers' uneducated front line to school.



Brandan Wright: 18 min, 8 p, 5 r, 2 b, +12

Among his rightful place with the starters (wherefore art thou, Big Spain?) for the first time, Wright was fine getting his sea legs under him. It will be interesting to see how he meshes with them over time. The Wright-Conley pick-and-roll has the potential to be deadly.



Lance Stephenson: 26 min, 14 p, 7 4, 3 a, 1 s, +5

The more I consider the situation Lance is walking into, the more it makes sense and the more I like it. Z-Bo and Tony Allen are perfect role models for him. He'll actually listen to them. Born Ready's got a lot of motivation (in the form of money on the table) to perform. I'm cautiously optimistic that he'll be able to keep it up.



JaMychal Green: 23 min, 10 p, 3 r, 1 s, 1 b, -6

Not a terrible game from JaMychal in his return to the pine. Would like to see him taking more threes -- he's not great from out there, but worth at least sending a message to the other team that he's willing to shoot them. Plus, it's not like his form is broken. It could improve over time.



Vince Carter: 20 min, 19 p, 3 r, 2 a, +11

OH. MY. GOODNESS. 5 for 7 from long range. At what point do we start to question whether the Grizzlies might actually bring Vince back on his $4.2 million salary for next season? With the rising cap and bloating new salary figures, it might be worth it if there's a chance you get this version of VC.



Chris Andersen: 19 min, 2 p, 3 r, 3 b, 1 s, +3

Some NASTY rejections by the Birdman last night, including one off the dome of official Ken Mauer. NOT IN HIS NEST.



Mario Chalmers: 15 min, 4 p, 4 a, 2 r, -3

Picking nits here but I'd like to see Chalmers playing more minutes, particularly in games like this when we can afford to give Conley a little extra rest. Not that he played great, but he's at his best when he's on the court for extended periods of time. #FreeSuperMario



James Ennis: 6 min, 2 p, 2 r, -8

OH YEAH, while we're on the subject, what was with the ESPN crew and the Warriors love fest during that game? Or talking about anything but the Grizzlies for that matter? Look, I get that this one wasn't particularly close or entertaining; but c'mon, at least pretend to be interested in the events transpiring right in front of you.



Tony Allen

Remains sidelined with a PLEASEGODNO injury, but got a pretty cool parting gift from Kobe last night:



Marc Gasol

Sad Jordanmore



Head Coach Dave Joerger

Joerger could have slept through beating this cast of NBA misfits. In fact, I think he might have actually been asleep.



Demarcus Cousins

Boogie was an honorary member of the #GoodSquad yesterday.