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Recap: Randolph, Grizzlies edge Nuggets 103-96

Grizzlies win an ugly one in Denver...on a Monday.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that was witnessed by at least 17 fans, the Memphis Grizzlies played the most boring back and forth game you will ever see, finally winning it late 103-96.

It was over when…

Matt Barnes snatched a cross court pass, was fouled, and made some free throws, putting the Grizzlies up by six, which in a game like this was insurmountable.

Tonight’s Three Stars

1) Zach Randolph- 22 points, five boards, six assists, and one awesome battle with the Manimal all night.

2) Every post players for the Nuggets- Rebounds? We don’t need no stinkin’ rebounds. The Nuggets were +13 rebounding over the short staffed Grizzlies tonight. Not bad for a team with forty-seven foreign guys that play center.

3) Mario Chalmers- This was a smaht pickup this season. Fifteen points, four assists, and two steals tonight. Outplayed every other guard in this game.

Quick Notes

- Here is my early and totally uneducated opinion on Jarrell Martin’s performance. Remember John Henderson, the former DT for the University of Tennessee and the Jackson Jaguars among others. He was a Madden All-Star  the last time I played Madden (which was 2005). Jarrell Martin and John Henderson have the same build.

That’s all I got.

- The Grizzlies were the anti-Steph Curry on this one, finishing 3-20 from beyond the arc. They were 0-11 at the half and 2-18 at the end of the third quarter. Mario Chalmers was 50% for the game, going 1-2. THERE WERE ONLY TWO MORE MAKES. AND BY GOD THEY WON ANYWAY!

- If you had to point to a good matchup, it was Zach Randolph and Kenneth Farried. ZBo brings the A game for certain players around the league: Blake Griffin, Dirk, Tim Duncan, Kenderick Perkins. But tonight was a classic back and forth between these two. Zbo got the better of him in points (22-16) but Faried had a double-double with 11 rebounds.

- I am hesitantly approving of what Lance Stephenson did on offense tonight. The guy has talent. There…I said it.

- At one point in the fourth quarter, the Grizzlies trotted out the following lineup: Mario Chalmers, Lance Stephenson, PJ Hairston, Matt Barnes, and Chris Andersen. None of these guys were on the team last season.

- Speaking of lineups, the closing lineup of Conely/Chalmers/Hairston/Barnes/ZBo is interesting to say the least, especially with the inclusion of Hairston. I wonder if TA would be in that three spot if her were not injured.

Also, #%^$# injuries.

- No matter what happened tonight, the Grizzlies did not do anything dumber than the Clippers did.

- Hey, I made it through an entire recap against a team in Colorado without one marijuana reference. I’m proud of myself, and that’s some high praise.


-Report card tomorrow. Later, taters.