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The Chip Williams Podcast with Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford, who is very good at talking about basketball, joins the podcast to talk Grizz, rookies, NBA and some college basketball.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Ford from this very site and about 10 other basketball sites makes his podcast debut to talk about everything basketball.

We opened up the podcast by talking about what type of moves the Grizz might look to make as we near the trade deadline.

I asked Andrew, who's great at scouting prospects, what his thoughts are on the future prospects of Jordan Adams and Jarell Martin.

We then moved on talking about the 2015 NBA Draft class, and who some of our favorite prospects are since we both consider ourselves draft guys.

I asked Andrew if he finds the NBA any less interesting of a league since it feels like there are only three or four teams who could realistically win the title.

We moved on to some college basketball stuff by talking about Josh Pastner and the Memphis Tigers, Rick Barnes and the Tennessee Vols, Cuonzo Martin and Ben Simmons and the 2016 NBA Draft.

Big thanks for Fan Essentials for being the presenting sponsor of The Chip Williams Podcast.

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