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GBBLive Podcast Recap: Jeff Green Rocks, Much More Memphis Grizzlies Talk!

Host Joe Mullinax had a great time on GBBLive talking about the latest happenings with the Memphis Grizzlies last night. Miss the live show with guests Chris Faulkner, Ryan Glover, and Matt Moore of CBS Sports? Check it out here.

The best of the Memphis Grizzlies is finally starting to shine through-but how much of that is the team, and how much of that is the teams they are playing? Host Joe Mullinax and his guests attacked that very question on the latest installment of Grizzly Bear Blues Live! Listen to the BlogTalkRadio podcast by clicking play in the player below or by visiting this link.

The first segment featured Chris Faulkner, GBB's Managing Editor, talking with Joe about the recent better play of the Grizzlies and how Vince Carter is going a bit unnoticed, as well as the major Grizzlies watch party happening tonight in Memphis co-hosted by GBB!

In the second segment, Ryan Glover of made his GBBLive debut and gave great perspective of "Old Man" Zach Randolph's amazing way of defeating time and Dave Joerger's lineup choices.

Finally, Matt Moore, NBA Writer for, came back on the program to break down his recent article he wrote about the Grizzlies and discuss whether or not Marc Gasol should feel snubbed by the All-Star Game. The guys also broke down the next few games on the Grizzlies' schedule.

All this, plus your latest shot at a Fan Essentials subscription through GBBLive Trivia, on an all-new edition of GBBLive! Follow the show on Twitter @GBBLive, check out the podcast/subscribe on ITunes and make sure you are joining us for our next episode on February 9th!

Until then, Grind Forth, Grizz Nation, this has been Grizzly Bear Blues Live!