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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Portland

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Blazers fans.

Pre-game views

- Hoping for a better result than the game here in January. Only game I've been to this season, and probably the worst performance of the year for the Blazers. Need to control the tempo, not let Memphis dictate how slow the game is

- Aminu vs Zbo should be fun

In-game views

- Physical game. I have a suggestion. Have Meyers Leonard deck the **** out of Gasol. He'll get ejected and we won't have to see Meyers for the rest of the game and pending suspension. Gasol will have something to remember for his cheap shots and cheap play early on.

- Zach's nose and touch for the basket is really pretty amazing.

- I'm quite impressed that Portland has been able to hang tight. Did not anticipate both teams posting 54%+ FGs through this point in the game.

- The Grizzlies are just proving (or reinforcing what the Clippers do) that bitching to the refs works. What a shame! I guess if you can't beat them, join them. The Blazers need to bitch back or it may cost them the game!

- Wow Jeff just launches an ugly 3. You gotta tip your hat. They are a bad offenssive team though.

- Dave Joeger is annoying AF. "Jump it up"

- This feels like a playoff game!

- We got LUCKY.

Post-game views

- I gotta imagine it wouldn't have been this close with Gasol in the game

- I'm all in on the tank but ill let it slide this game. Hate Memphis tbh

- Well, Portland has now matched my projected number of wins for the season. Shows what I know!

- Dodged a bullet with Gasol going down

- Zach was feasting on Plumlee and when Davis came in all of that stopped. Great defense.

- Man Memphis really makes you work for any shot. I hate playing them almost as much as I hate playing the Suns.