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Recapping the Enemy: The View From New Orleans and Atlanta

The Grizzlies split back-to-back games with the Pelicans and the Hawks. How did opposition fans react to these results against Memphis?

New Orleans Pelicans (Grizzlies win 121-114 OT)

- We need a guy like Tony Allen on our team.

I dont just mean an elite perimeter defender - though another one would be nice - I mean a guy with the reputation as an elite defender. That way refs never call shite for obvious fouls.

If Allen's name were Orlando Johnson, or heck Jrue Holliday, he would of fouled out by now.

- A couple months ago I considered driving to Memphis to go to this game. Today, I'm not even watching it.

- Memphis has the best in house music

- Happy that Stephenson decided to be good again tonight.

- This was a good night for us. We had our 3 best players and still lost to Memphis' D-League team. Need to be funking going into that easy stretch of teams.

- They failed miserably in getting AD the ball in crunch time against Memphis' small line-up. Actually failed all second half

- This is just an embarrassing loss.

Atlanta Hawks (Hawks win 95-83)

- Can somebody bottle and sell whatever Memphis Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger is drinking?

- Pretty meh victory

- Great job by the Hawks putting away the Grizzlies

- I follow the nba quite closely, but I have no idea who two of those guys are!

- Memphis does not play at the old Memphis pace anymore.

- I applaud Atlanta after betting on Memphis with the +14.5 start. Led by 17, didn't score again. Fix.