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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Atlanta Hawks

Grading out the individual performances in last night's 95-83 loss to the Hawks.

Had to see this one coming. After a hard fought overtime win at home over the Pelicans on Friday night, it was too much to ask for the Grizzlies to go into Atlanta the next day and get another unexpected W.

And that isn't even taking into consideration the fact that Memphis is a shell of its former self.

The Grizzlies are still hanging onto that fifth seed, though. We'll see if that can last through all these injuries.



Briante Weber: 32 min, 2 p, 4 r, 3 a, 3 s, 1 b, -15

Ah, now we see why Briante has been stuck in the D-League all this time. Did not look great last night, despite somewhat living up to his reputation as a defensive stopper. He's a true Grizzly, though: can't shoot for crap.



Tony Allen: 23 min, 15 p, 9 r, 2 s, -14

A ho-hum outing for TA, who's being asked to do too much with his grit n' grind brethren sidelined. He did clearly bother ATL sharpshooter, Kyle Korver, though. Can't say that for the rest of the Grizz starters, all of whom had some pretty ugly plus/minus numbers.



Matt Barnes: 26 min, 6 p, 6 r, 1 s, 1 b, -25

Eek. Fresh off the first triple-double of his career, Barnes old knees didn't look ready for another game less than 24 hours later. Similar to Tony, his role right now is a bit outsized compared to his ideal situation. That should normalize come playoff time -- hopefully he can remain healthy and somewhat rested by then.



JaMychal Green: 24 min, 4 p, 8 r, -23

Well, JaMychal was bound to come crashing back down to Earth at some point. This was a pretty harsh, swift descent, though. Let's hope he regains his form Monday night in Houston.



Ryan Hollins: 20 min, 2 p, 4 r, 1 a, +0

Yawn gif



Lance Stephenson: 30 min, 18 p, 8 r, 6 a, -5

Oh, Lance. He never ceases to entertain. Hope he's okay after hurting his wrist.



Ray McCallum: 27 min, 13 p, 4 r, 2 a, 2 s, 1 b, +6

Small sample size hot take: I think I prefer McCallum to Weber. He's got the Spurs pedigree, after all.



P.J. Hairston: 20 min, 9 p, 5 r, 1 a, +1

One of the better games in a while for Hairston, which is admittedly a very, very low bar. But still, didn't kill us defensively and made a couple of buckets. That's about all you can ask for from P.J.



Jarell Martin: 20 min, 10 p, 4 r, 1 s, +4

Continues to look like a rookie but is nonetheless promising. He's still playing hard, crashing the glass, hustling on both ends. I really, really hope Joerger doesn't glue his butt to the bench when Z-Bo comes back. Especially not in favor of resident bums Hollins and Stepheson.



Alex Stepheson: 19 min, 4 p, 6 r, 2 a, 1 s, 2 b, +11

Another one on #TeamNoHeadshot. He played decently well in his first outing with the Grizzlies -- grabbed some boards and banged around in the paint, but it'll be surprisingly if he amounts to anything other than a stiff, generic big dude.



Head Coach Dave Joerger

Don't blame the head ballcoach for this one. I don't think the love child of Phil Jackson and Red Auerbach could have won this game.



Grizzlies Play-By-Play Announcer Pete Pranica

Pete Pranica channeled his inner Harry Caray for this call:



The Hawks Uniform Design Team


Injured Emoji


The Grizzlies Injury Brigade

Get well soon, yall.