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Shorthanded Grizzlies lose to Rockets


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets and something resembling the Memphis Grizzlies played basketball tonight and we really even have to go over how it went or the score or anything...

That was about as much fun as sitting on a wood chipper.

And P.J. Hairston went down with a groin injury.


Some random game notes

- Alex Stepheson tied Zach Randolph's record for most offensive rebounds in a game with 13. His line was 12 points and 15 rebounds on 5-17 shooting before fouling out in 26 minutes

- Jarell Martin lead the team with 17 points

- Briante Weber was a -43 and kinda looks like Omar from The Wire.

- Houston can stuff it.

What else can you say?

Minnesota on Wednesday back in Memphis.

As a reward for reading this recap, here is a montage of the presidential candidates with James Harden's beard.

Now if we can only get one of those memory erase thingies from Men in Black and forget any of this ever happened.