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Gimmie Shelter: Grizzlies vs Clippers (Boooo) Preview

A storm is raging...

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis Grizzlies (39-30) vs Los Angeles Clippers (Booooo) (43-24)


Memphis, TN

7:00 CST

TV: FSSE Radio: 92.9 ESPN

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Grizzlies Clippers in a possible playoff preview.  Hold on to your butts.

Grizzlies Quick Notes

- Last Game: Grizzlies 86 - Bucks 96.  Or more appropriately, Matt Barnes 1 John Henson 0.  Mean muggin' ass.

- Injury Report: Jordan Adams (Out, but Ron Tillery is on the case, yo), Chris Andersen (Out, but allegedly back soon), Vince Carter (Questionable, but I bet he sits this one out), Mike Conley (out, but will look fresh in a t-shirt/blazer combo),  Marc Gasol (Out, santa mierda extrano), P.J. Hairston (Out, brick making injury), Zach Randolph (Questionable, ain't no way he misses tonight), and Brandan Wright (Out, busted)

- Probable starting lineup: Lance Stephenson, Tony Allen, Matt Barnes (for now), JaMychal Green, and Ryan Hollins.  That's right, there are three former Clippers in the starting lineups.  Sigh.

- In his last four games, Lance Stephenson has averaged almost 24 points, nine boards, and six assists.  He has been great during this four game losing streak.  He also managed to not kill John Henson, a lesson that others on the team could learn.

- The anti-Steph offense has been in full effect as of late.  3-13 from three against Milwaukee.  4-20 against Minnesota.  4-17 against Houston.  6-23 against Atlanta.  24% from three in the last four games.  Not great.

- Defense has been a little lapsing as well.  During the losing streak, teams are averaging 51% from the field.  And the probles has been shots at the rim.  Check out the shot charts from the past four games as well:

Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday

Minnesota on Wednesday night

Houston on Monday night, which is the only one that doesn't make sense

Atlanta last Saturday night

- Thank God that the Clippers don't shoot threes or get shots close to the rim or anything.


Clippers (YOU SUCK) Quick Notes

- Last Game: Clippers (boo) 122 - Houston 106.  By the transitive property of wins the Clippers should win tonight by 69 points. Oh...and Niiiiiiiiice.

- Injury Report: Blake Griffin (Out, and is dumb)

- Probable starting lineup: Chris Paul (jerk), J.J. Reddick (tool), Jeff Green (doofus), Luc Mbah A Moute (complicated name), and Deandre Jordan (sucks).

- It's the return of Jeff Green.  I wonder if they will show a video tribute.  Maybe just a bunch of clips of him missing defensive assignments.

- J.J. Reddick looks dumb with tattoos.

- Chris Paul will hit you in the nards.  Cup up, boys.

- Blake Griffin will miss tonight's game.  Too busy getting the Golden Army together and ran out of Clearasil.

- DeAndre Jordan looks better in that wig for that stupid commercial.  Love when KG looks at him and says he ain't got no rings.  Like Chris Paul does either.

- Paul Pierce has physically taken a basketball out of a peach basket.  Pablo Prigioni held the ladder for him

- Austin Rivers' jersey should just say "Nepotism" on the back

- Jamal Crawford looks like a damn space alien from a bad 50's sci-fi movie. Run's like it too.

Prediction Time


Clippers 126 Grizzlies 95