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Recap: Grizzlies Survive Against Kings 104-98

It wasn't as easy as it was in the first half, but the Grizzlies survive a near collapse and beat the Kings

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Despite blowing a 21 point first half lead, the Grizzlies managed to finally finish off a Sacramento Kings team in the first of an important three game home stand.

It Was Over When…

Mike Conley hit a late-in-the-shot clock three with 3:50 seconds left to put the Grizzlies up three and take the lead that they would not relinquish. Conley would only be outdone by his own 14ft scoop shot from just outside the paint that would give the Grizzlies comfortable lead with less than a minute to go.

Three Stars

  1. DeMarcus Cousins- I love Boogie. You love Boogie. We all love Boogie. Except maybe George Karl. Cousins had a double-double, with 18 points and 16 rebounds, along with six assists. Seven turnovers and playing most of the 4th quarter with five fouls really did not help his play, and he was still the best King on the court by far.
  2. JaMychal Green- JaM had fifteen points off the bench, despite having to share reserve minutes with Jarrell Martin (who played well, see below) and Ryan Hollins. He was that guy who can come in and give you some energy and some quick buckets…you know…when he gets time

Special runner up…the rim- There was some dunking going on in this one

Note that WCS didn't stare that one down.  Wise choice when it was over ZBo

Did Acy get an arm transplant from Tayshaun Prince?

And now in our "If I could turn back time" dunk of the night...

And how could we ever forget this gem...

Random Thoughts

- Boy the offense just died and stunk up the court after halftime. 31 points in the first and 59 at half time was followed up by a craptacular third quarter and a 43 point half. The big lead for the Grizzlies at the half would be erased by some lackluster defense (seems to be a theme these days) and some o-f-f-e-n-s-i-v-e s-t-a-g-n-a-t-i-o-n.

- The anti-Steph Curry offense was in full effect again, with a shiny 5-18 from three. That’s 28% boys and girls. And yet, they won again.

- Rebounding was bad again tonight, with the Grizzlies getting out rebounded by seven and giving up 16 offensive rebounds.

- Jarrell Martin=good?  Yes, that was not a mirage.  For the second straight game, the Grizzlies actually sent a rookie out on the floor and gave him more than garbage time.  Martin lead the team in rebounds (eight!) in ten minutes, including some good defense against Boogie and WCS in the first half.   Nice to see the young man coming along.

- When watching the film for this game and for all Kings games in the future, someone may need to point out the Darren Collison was open for a little less than 87 threes tonight. Just a note.

- WCS looks like he needs a roast beef sandwich or some beef stew. Just eat something bro.

- Out of all the punchable players in this game, who knew Marco Belinelli would be the winner.

- Speaking of punching, I was certain that since Boogie started the game off 0-5 and Lance Stephenson spent most of the first half talking to himself that this one was going to end badly.  Thankfully it did not.

- If I was Ryan Hollins, and this was my third time on the roster, I would absolutely not give a single f#$% the rest of the season. I would have picked a different number every time they signed me. My number would be 69 at this point and I would have changed my last name to NIIIIIIIICE. Grow my hair and beard out. Get those really think gauges in my ears. Maybe even get a neck tattoo. Birdman probably has a guy.

- Report Card tomorrow. Jazz on Friday