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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Grading out the individual performances in last night's unexpected, beautiful win over the Los Angeles Floppers.

Right as the narrative of "will the Grizzlies miss the playoffs?" catches steam. Just as Memphis becomes the butt of injury jokes around the league. At the moment when the fanbase's collective, er... sphincters tightened.

Then the Grizzlies go and pull a stunt like this.

Dumb & Dumber gif

What a game. Z-Bo was divine. Lance made em' dance. TA was First Team All-Offense (?!?). The Temporary Grizzlies, aka the 10 Day Brigade, aka the Bizarro Goon Squad, aka the Backcourt Mercenaries were better than serviceable.

Please, please, please let this be our first round match up.



Ray McCallum: 35 min, 14 p, 2 r, 3 a, 2 b, +15

Stayed out of the way and let the makeshift core do its thing for the first three quarters, and then stepped up BIG TIME in the fourth. Went toe to toe with the villainous Chris Paul and made some huge threes down the stretch. Well done, sir. Keep it up.



Tony Allen: 32 min, 22 p, 4 r, 1 s, +20

Wreaked his trademark havoc on defense and actually knocked down some shots on the other end. Little known fact: every time Tony Allen makes a three pointer, an angel gets its wings.



Lance Stephenson: 28 min, 12 p, 3 r, 1 a, 2 s, 1 b, +27

Point Lance is like riding a wooden roller coaster. Jarring, bumpy, thrilling. This role is seemingly ideal for him, having the freedom (and impetus) to create at will. His real test will come once Mike and the rest of the infirmary returns. Can he continue to thrive in a supporting role?



Zach Randolph: 36 min, 28 p, 11 r, 10 a, +25


Ryan Hollins: 14 min, 4 p, 3 r, 1 s, 1 b, +14

Mr. Inconsequential lives up to his billing once again.

Emoji 5



JaMychal Green: 27 min, 11 p, 7 r, 4 a, 4 s, 1 b, -1

Dude absolutely plays his butt off. I love watching him on the court. Would like to see more super small lineups with him at center, trying to recreate a poor man's version of the Warriors line-up of death with JaMychal in the Draymond at the 5 role.



Vince Carter: 26 min, 9 p, 3 r, 2 a, -17

Here's something you don't see very often -- Vince Carter: Power Forward. I wonder if VC guarding Paul Pierce last night was among the oldest one-on-one match-ups in league history.



Xavier Munford: 20 min, 7 p, 3 r, 1 a, -8

The Headless Wonder put on something of an athletic display last night to prove he belongs in this league, putting his hops to good use.



Jarell Martin: 12 min, 6 p, 7 r, 1 a, -14

Such an incredible bright spot for the Grizzlies through these dark days. Broken record alert: I'd really like to see him getting those Ryan Hollins minutes. Would further help Martin's development and, honestly, I think he might be just as good right now.



Briante Weber: 11 min, 0 p, 1 r, 1 a, 1 s, -6

On the last night of his 10 day contract, Briante put in some good work for the Grizzlies. This morning, Memphis declined to extend his contract in favor of bringing in former Laker Jordan Farmar. Fare thee well, Briante. We hardly knew thee.



Head Coach Dave Joerger

We're seeing why Joerger was such a great coach in the D-League. It's like after years of being confined to coaching in a box, he's been liberated. Actually seeing some signs of joy from him on the sidelines.

The Hoopers


The Hoopers

Sucks to suck. One of my favorite Grizzlies-related memories: while watching one of the Grizzlies-Blazers away games in round one of the playoffs last year, a Chris Paul State Farm commercial comes on the big screen and EVERYONE instantly and loudly boos him. I love Memphis.

Memphis Forever


The Grindhouse Crowd

That was a playoff preview, sans Growl Towels. Very nicely done, Memphians.