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Remembering Jimmy Keep, WWII Veteran, Iwo Jima Survivor, and Grizzlies Super Fan.

The 89 year old veteran who has become a Memphis Grizzlies fan legend, died over the weekend

Jimmy Keep, WWII veteran and Zach Randolph fan, died over the weekend.  He was 89 years old.

Grizzlies fans got to know Keep last season as he was an honored guest of Grizzlies owner Robert Pera on March 6th, 2015 in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers. His favorite player was Zach Randolph, who he got a chance to meet at the game.

Keep was a Marine veteran of World War II in Guam, Saipan, and most famously Iwo Jima.  Keep was 18 yeas old at the time.  Read more about his time spent in a story from The Commercial Appeal by Tom Charlier.

Grizzly Bear Blues joins in those who have honored Mr. Keep for his life and his service.  Prayers and appreciation to those who he has left behind.