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Tony Allen Had Him a Night Last Night Against the Lakers

First Team All-Defense was all about that offense last night

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We are so very used to what we get from Tony Allen.

The best defender in all of basketball.

A tireless worker.

The originator of All Heart, Grit and Grind.

A guy whose game embodies that All Heart, Grit and Grind spirit.

First Team All Defense.

Hell, even Kobe Bryant called him the greatest defender he played against in his career.

But last night was something else.  In addition to his being his normal "Lord of chaos" self on the defensive end, The Grindfather lead the way on the offensive end of the court as well.

Tony Allen lead the Grizzlies with 27 points on 12-12 shooting.

Read that last sentence again.

I know some you missed the game because it was late and you might not believe it.  But it happened.

No seriously, it happened.

Wanna relive it??

- TA gets a layup for the first basket of the night.  Typical TA with the slash to the basket and a difficult reverse finish.

- Tony also added five dimes tonight.  Here's a sweet one to Birdman.

- TA with a jumper off a screen like he's J.J. Redick.

- Towards the end of the second quarter, TA with the jumper to keep the Grizzlies close before the half.

- How About TA going 8 for 8?



- First Team All Offense?

- And the last one to keep the Grizzlies close.

Even though the Grizzlies did not get the win last night, if you stayed up you you caught a hell of an effort from Tony Allen.

Thanks to the guys at WhipClip for prepping the highlights from last night's game for us.