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The Grizzlies Magic Number is Now Four!

Memphis march to the playoffs inches ever so closer over the last two nights without having to play a single game.

Three days ago the Grizzlies were mired in a terrible loss against the Los Angeles Lakers with their magic number for making the playoff at six.

The number is now four.  Without them playing a game.  Just how did that happen.

Well, you can actually thank the Utah Jazz for both.

Wednesday night, the Jazz defeated the Houston Rockets, who they are in a virtual tie with for the eighth seed, 89-87, allowing the Grizzlies to move within five games of making the post-season.  Thursday night, the Jazz lost to to the Thunder 113-91, giving the Grizzlies another game cushion.

Yeah, I don't get it either.  I swear it works though.

We also got some help from an old nemesis last night as well.  We don't do a lot of Clippers love around here....

...but the Grizzlies got some help from the Clippers last night, as they defeated the Blazers last night 96-94.

This gives the Grizzlies a little more cushion on holding on to the fifth seed,  The magic number for locking up the fifth seed is six.  Portland technically falls into a tie for the sixth seed with Dallas even though they have two games in hand.

Confused yet?

Here are some important games for the Grizzlies this upcoming weekend.

Friday Night

- Grizzlies at Spurs- The Grizzlies never beat the Spurs, and especially in San Antonio.  The Spurs haven't lost a game in over a year.  What could go wrong?

- Toronto at Houston- a loss by Houston gives the Grizzlies a chance to move closer to the playoffs.

- Dallas at Golden State- the Grizzlies can also pick up some ground on the fifth seed with a loss by the Mavericks.


Philadelphia at Portland- Blazers have a chance to make up some ground against the worst team in the NBA.

Utah at Minnesota- Utah needs to start winning to make the playoffs, but they draw a tough one against a young TWolves team.


Houston at Indiana- a win for the Grizzlies Friday night, and losses by Utah on Saturday, and Houston losing to Toronto and Indiana can wrap up a playoff spot for the Grizzlies.

The NBA Playoffs start in twenty-three days.