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Hangin' Tough: Shorthanded Grizzlies Tight With Resting Spurs, Still Lose 110-104

The Goon Squad version 4.5 shows a lot of heart and gives the Spurs a game.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies showed up tonight.  Played hard and kept it really close, despite being down 17 at one point.

The Spurs are just plain good.

It Was Over When...

I had originally written when LMA hit the court, but in reality it was when Manu Ginobili fouled/nut-shotted Lance Stephenson with no call from the officials.  It was a two point game at that point.  Spurs go down the court five on four and hit a three.  Ball game.

Three Stars

* LaMarcus Aldridge- 32 points and 12 rebounds in this one, including 17 in the first quarter.  I prefer sad and pouty after losing in the playoffs LMA to this one. 
** JaMychal Green- 20 points in this one, including a lot of hustle plays and big dunks late.

*** Lance Stephenson- despite taking one in the fellas, Born Ready had 17 and was smoking Spurs rookie Johnathon Simmons all night long.

Random Thoughts and Spurs Insults

-  I'm in the middle of reading Terry Pluto's book about the ABA, Loose Balls, for the second time.  The Spurs were and still are the worst thing to come from the ABA.

- Dave Joerger coached his ass off tonight.  Looking sharp with a thin and well sculpted goatee, he really put together a game plan in the second half for defending the rim after getting flamed in the first half. One thought, JaM came out with about three minutes left and never went back in.  He was really getting after it and didn't get back in that one.

- Greg Popovich looks like a Bond villian.

- Best line of the night came from Pete Pranica on the home teams call, calling JaMychal Green a "former Spur" every chance he got.  THAT'S RIGHT, IT MAY HAVE BEEN LIKE A THOUSAND YEARS SINCE THE GRIZZLIES WON IN SAN ANTONIO BUT WE WON THAT TRANSACTION.  SUCKERS!!!!!

- Roster lesson for the night: Andre Miller is a Spur.  So the Grizzlies are sending out D-League reserves and guys who got cut in Israel and the Spurs have The Professor as a backup to their backup point guard?

- Andre Miller is also old.

- The Grizzlies didn't have the talent to match the Spurs tonight, but they did have the "want-to," which was missing earlier in the season when everyone was healthy.

- Has Tim Duncan ever committed a foul?  Like when he watches tape of his own game does he sit there with that same bug eyed stare and make the shrug to the TV?  I feel like this should be a show.  Get on it NBATV

- Not so bold prediction:  Grizzlies win this one if Zbo plays.

- Tony Parker is French.

- Bolder prediction: Grizzlies win Monday night even if Kawhi Leonard plays.  Book it.

- When is it ok to make fun of Manu Ginobili's testicle injury?  Still to soon??? Alright.

- The Spurs have won 37 games in a row at home this season.  The Grizzlies have won 41 games.

- Remember when David West was just a guy everyone forgot about on the Indiana Pacers?  Kinda is that now...

- The SA crowd could not have cared less about this one, even setting home win records and such.  Anytime the music is that loud in the television mix the crowd is bad.

- Kevin Martin sucks.  And that's not even a Spurs joke.

- Report Card tomorrow.  Spurs again on Monday.  Take the weekend earned it.


Later, taters.