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Recapping the Enemy: The View From San Antonio

The San Antonio Spurs swept the season series against the Memphis Grizzlies last night, beating them 101-87 in Memphis.

Pre-game views

- Back at it again tonight as we're in Memphis to face the Grizz for the 2nd time in 3 games. Memphis is 41-32 and have lost 6 of their last 8. The Big 3 are all out tonight and Kawhi is listed as Questionable. No reason we shouldn't still beat this depleted Grizzlies team on the road though. No excuses. Let's get it.

- Gotta hand it to the Grizzlies, when Mike Conley went down, I thought they would mail it in and go full on tank. I do still think they will fall to 7-8, but I'm sure the Clips are hoping they can somehow hang on to 5. Sadly, the lower part of the West is bad compared to prior years, even if the Griz attempt to tank, not sure if the others can surpass them.

In-game views

- Matt Barnes is such a piece of ---- hope he's not luck chucking tonight.

- Good ---- so far on both ends all things considered. Danny Green needs to stop hesitating on his threes tho.

- Who burns us this game, Stephenson or Carter I wonder?

- Fat Head having a Summer League flashback game against a bunch of scrubs, lol.

- I miss Leonard. The playoffs can't get here fast enough. These lineups are painful.

- Andre Miller is so much better when playing along side a player that commands a double team.

- when only Aldridge can score on offense you know you're in trouble.

- Dave Joerger really is doing an incredible job missing his best three players for so much of the season. It's amazing Dallas would be on the outside looking in should the playoffs start tonight and Davey nuts over there is going to be in the playoffs.

- Lamarcus now with 27 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Is this right? LMA is 10-14? My guy doin work....

- JaMychal Green (sad face). Why'd we let him go?

Post-game views

- Games like this don't really matter. Golden State has the lock on the #1 see in the West. The playoffs can't get here soon enough.

- LMA has been a beast this month! I hope it continues in April. Go Spurs Go!

- Memphis is limping in to the playoffs. The west sucks so much at the bottom, they might just hold on to the fifth seed.

- Good win, Spurs!