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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. San Antonio Spurs

Grading out the individual performances in last night's 101-87 blowout loss to the Spurs' B team.

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Oy. Grizzlies. Holy balls, that was rough. With Kawhi, Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili all out, this was Memphis's chance to extend its lead on Portland for the five seed.

Instead, we crapped the bed. That makes Wednesday's showdown against the Nuggets a must-win.



Jordan Farmar: 26 min, 9 p, 3 r, 2 a, -14

Ah, now we see why Farmar was out of the NBA. McCallum should be starting, not that it makes all that much of a difference.



Tony Allen: 17 min, 4 p, 1 a, 2 s, -7

Tony... buddy. Ow. Memphis needed him to step up in this game with the rest of the core four out. That, needless to say, did not happen.



Matt Barnes: 30 min, 11 p, 9 r, 3 a, 2 s, -16

Not a terrible performance from Barnes. Had a nifty finger roll in transition.

And then there's this:



JaMychal Green: 27 min, 12 p, 5 r, 3 a, 1 s, -19

The red-hot supernova that was once the miracle of JaMychal Green has cooled off considerably, and I don't entirely blame him for it. He's miscast in the role of one of the primary scorers. I'll be very interested to see how he performs in the playoffs when, presumably, Conley and Z-Bo are back in the fold.



Chris Andersen: 24 min, 5 p, 5 r, 1 a, 2 s, 1 b, -4

I see a theme developing... Birdman, after playing about as much for Miami all season as you or I had, is suddenly thrust into a starting role for the Grizzlies. He's hustling and giving it his geriatric all, but it's just not cutting it against the league's elite.



Ray McCallum: 27 min, 10 p, 4 a, 1 r, +7

A lone bright spot amongst a cornucopia of despair. He looked quicker than usual against his old team, finishing some aggressive drives to the basket. Nice to see him trying to create.



Lance Stephenson: 21 min, 4 p, 4 r, 3 a, -17

Woof. Bad Lance. Probably his worst performance in a Memphis uniform. Tried to force everything. Attempted to catch passes with his face. Not a "pick up the option" performance.



Vince Carter: 21 min, 14 p, 3 r, 1 a, +3

VC has been a calming presence admist the storm that the Grizzlies are enduring. He might be rickety and slow, but occasionally his more amazing half will show forth. Had an unconverted lay up that was the highlight of the evening.



Jarell Martin: 20 min, 7 p, 5 r, 1 b, +4

The young'un continues to be competent. Makes you wonder if Memphis might plan around him being the fourth big in the rotation come next season. Does the development of Martin and JaMychal make Brandan Wright expendable?



Ryan Hollins: 20 min, 6 p, 3 r, 1 a, 1 s, 1 b, -10

He is so, so, so bad. I do not understand why he plays a single minute when Jarell Martin could be getting more playing time or, hearkening back, Jarnell Stokes could be getting some time. Ugh.



Xavier Munford: 6 min, 5 p, 1 r, 1 b, +3

I've been dismissive of Munford up to this point, but he's starting to interest me. Still, seems pointless to devote time or effort analyzing his game. He won't be in Memphis much longer.



Head Coach Dave Joerger

Joerger is being asked to do the impossible here, I get it. But the effort wasn't there last night. The Bizarro Goon Squad's calling card has been hustle. It was absent yesterday.

Memphis Forever


The Grindhouse Crowd: 17,133 announced attendance (94% capacity)

FedEx Forum felt like a morgue last night. The biggest rise came from the Kiss Cam, where some poor teenage schmuck on a first date was repeatedly (and cruelly) denied a kiss in front of thousands of people. It was just that kind of night.



LaMarcus Aldridge: 31 min, 31 p, 13 r, 3 a, 2 b, +18

He is so good, and it is so unfair that he is a Spur. San Antonio tanks to get Tim Duncan, gets 20 Hall of Fame years out of him, and then they strike gold with Kawhi and sign Aldridge. I hope Spurs fans appreciate what they have.