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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Sacramento Kings

Grading out the individual performances in yesterday's 104-98 nail-biting win over the Sacramento Boogies.

^^ co-sign

That first half was the best basketball the Grizzlies have played since the trade deadline. The second half... well, we got the W and that's all that matters.

Rickman gif



Mike Conley: 34 min, 24 p, 5 a, 2 r, 3 s, 1 b, +11

OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN. The Mike Conley deserving of a max contract showed up last night, making some huge shots down the stretch and providing a calming presence as the Grizzlies closed out a game that shouldn't have been in question.



P.J. Hairston: 23 min, 6 p, 3 r, 2 a, 1 b, -8

P.J. Hairston, he of many nicknames, had (quite literally) an in-and-out, up-and-down game last night. He went from this:

To this:



Matt Barnes: 27 min, 2 p, 3 a, 2 r, +6

The Matt Barnes special: doesn't show up much in the box score, you don't notice him much during the game, but has somehow played big minutes and come out with a positive point differential.



Zach Randolph: 35 min, 19 p, 8 r, 2 a, +0

Despite getting posterized by Willie Cauley-Stein, Z-Bo bullied and boogied his way to a solid output. Didn't play great defensively but, along with Conley, landed some much-needed punches in the 4th quarter.



Chris Andersen: 27 min, 10 p, 6 r, 2 s, 1 b, +2

Poor Birdman just didn't sign up for this. Despite being thrust into a bigger role than he can handle, he's working hard and performing admirably. Demarcus Cousins exploited his lack of athleticism a few times, but didn't eviscerate him as some had predicted might happen. Aside from Quincy Acy dunking all over his head, a decent effort from the #Birdmane.



Mario Chalmers: 27 min, 15 p, 4 a, 3 s, +6

Chalmers' versatility is proving to be a God-send for a creation-starved Memphis squad. Got to the free throw line 6 times, nailing all of them and nabbed some big steals as well. Also payed homage to an injured Tony Allen in the most Tony way possible:



JaMychal Green: 27 min, 15 p, 2 r, 3 s, +0

With a career-high 15 points, JaMychal declared to the world (read: the coaching staff) that his butt needs to be in the game and not on the bench. Perhaps most encouragingly -- he knocked down some jump shots in addition to JaMming (copyright @BenTBrown 2016).


Emoji 2

Vince Carter: 19 min, 4 p, 3 r, 1 a, 1 s, -2

What grade do you give to a geriatric who can do this?



Lance Stephenson: 16 min, 7 p, 3 r, 3 a, 1 s, +7

I think Lance mistook the game last night for the NFL Combine, because he was launching Hail Marys all over the place. Some connected and some, er... didn't.



Jarell Martin: 10 min, 2 p, 8 r, 1 b, +7

Well done, rook! While he's still clearly figuring out the geometry and timing of NBA basketball, Jarell hustled and looked like he belonged on the court. Super encouraging moving forward for the Grizzlies' front line, aka the ICU.



Ryan Hollins: 2 min, 0 p, +1

Dave's booty call was back again last night, stealing minutes from the young'ins and being generally blah.



Tony Allen

Please come back soon, Tony. Things just aren't the same without you.

Tony Gif



Marc Gasol

Sad Jordan PR



Head Coach Dave Joerger

Almost let this one slip away, but CDJ made the right moves in the 4th to keep the Grizzlies in position to get the win. I particularly like the lineups he's choosing to close games.

Memphis Forever


The Grindhouse Crowd

Got into it when things got close, and played the part of the wronged well when the Grizz had four, count 'em, FOUR offensive fouls called in the fourth quarter. They were all the right calls, but still. Would liked to have seen a little more of the upper deck filled out but it was a Wednesday game against a bland opponent, so whatever.