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GBB's Joe Mullinax on The Geoff Calkins Show

I made my debut on 92.9 ESPN Memphis today as a guest of Geoff Calkins on his Grizzlies Roundtable.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

There is no GBBLive Podcast recording tonight, but I still had a chance to be heard live today on some airwaves. I was a guest on 92.9 ESPN Memphis' The Geoff Calkins Show and had an opportunity to talk Mike Conley, Lance Stephenson, the younger Grizzlies finally getting some chance to run, and much more as a part of Geoff's Grizzlies Roundtable. I was also joined on the show/roundtable by Peter Fleischer of Fox 13 Memphis.

Thanks so much to Geoff and John Martin for having me on the show, and it was a pleasure being a guest along with Peter. We have had Geoff on GBBLive in the past, and we will be sure to have both Peter and John on the program in the future if they are available. If you missed the segment live this morning, you can listen to it by clicking on this link on in the player below. I appear on the very first segment of Hour 2.

GBBLive will return on BlogTalkRadio March 10th.

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