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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Phoenix Suns

Grading out the individual performances in yesterday's disappointing, deja vu 109-100 loss to the terrible Suns.

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A solid first half gave way to disjointed, ugly, stuck-in-the-mud basketball from your Grizzlies, who now have to fly to Cleveland for a date with the reigning Eastern Conference champions. Not a promising sequence for the home team.



Mike Conley: 30 min, 22 p, 4 a, 1 r, 2 s, -6

Inconsistency is becoming the name of the game for Captain Conley. Stupendous efforts followed up by disappointing ones. Great stretches bookended by plodding play. He scored well last night but couldn't come up big in the clutch. This is why there is ever-so-slight hesitation to give Mike that max contract.



P.J. Hairston: 19 min, 2 p, -8

For the second game in a row, Hairston delivers a lacking box score line. He's kind of the anti-Barnes: when he isn't scoring, he offers literally nothing else. Starting to see why the Hornets turned down the option on his contract. A winning team can't count on him.



Matt Barnes: 33 min, 17 p, 5 r, 3 a, 2 b, +1

A solid outing for the ever-steady Barnes, but he alone isn't enough to carry the starters. Would like to have seen a little bit more fire from him, like we saw when he got into Marco Belinelli in the Kings game.



Zach Randolph: 31 min, 6 p, 8 r, 3 a, -9

Most concerning about Z-Bo's lackluster effort yesterday was his terrible defense against the Suns frontcourt. I know that he usually has Marc to hide some of his deficiencies but he's getting exposed as oftentimes the biggest guy on the court. Small-ball doesn't suit the big fella on D.


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Chris Andersen: 9 min, 2 p, 5 r, +2

Eek. Early returns on Birdman's bill health appear to be okay, but our already thin stable of big men can't afford any more injuries.



Mario Chalmers: 29 min, 14 p, 3 a, 1 r, 2 s, +1

Once again provided a scoring punch off the bench, but was part of the problem in getting eviscerated by Devin Booker, aka Stephen Curry apparently. With him playing alongside all kinds of lineups, we're asking Chalmers to be a Swiss Army knife of sorts which might be a bit much for his talents.



Lance Stephenson: 24 min, 13 p, 5 r, 2 a, 1 s, -7

I'll give Lance this much: he looks like he gives a damn. When he checked in during the 3rd quarter, he immediately infused energy -- often misguided energy, mind you, but energy nonetheless. He's talented and, if the motivation continues, there's still hope it can be tamed into production.



JaMychal Green: 24 min, 17 p, 5 r, 2 a, +3

An oasis in the middle of a desert. Another career high in points for Green, who continues to hustle his butt off and make the most of an opportunity.



Vince Carter: 23 min, 5 p, 4 r, 1 s, -2

VC shouldn't be getting this many minutes... really wish that Jordan Adams were able to develop in this slot.

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Ryan Hollins: 12 min, 2 p, 2 r, 1 b, -19

A cool negative ninetheen for Placeholder Emeritus Hollins. Why is he playing? Why? I honestly don't get it. He has no future on this team.



Jarell Martin: 7 min, 0 p, 2 r, -1

Again, he should be getting those Hollins minutes. A potential disconnect between the coaching staff and the front office personified here.



Marc Gasol


Head Coach Dave Joerger

Not as great of an effort today from Joerger's squad. A really bad look heading into the second end of a back to back against one of the league's elite.

Halfcourt Car


Halfcourt shot to win an Audi

An F for shooting form, but hey -- ugly but effective. Congrats to this guy.