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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Grading out the individual performances in Memphis's improbable, gast-flabbering 106-103 win over the East's best team in Cleveland last night.

This is what Dave Joerger had to work with coming into this game. And we won. We WON.

No words. A Gasol-Conley-Randolph-Barnes-Wright-less team just beat the reigning Eastern Conference champions at full strength.

The same team that beat us by 30 in the home opener just lost to a Grizzlies squad playing eight players. With four starters out. Running offensive sets through Tony Allen and Lance Stephenson.

Also, how Grizzlies is it that we lost to the Suns on Sunday and then come back and beat LeBron, Kyrie, and Love with our B-team the next day on the road? All Heart. Grit. Grind. Forever.

In addition to their grades, everybody gets a gold star sticker on their paper as well.

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Mario Chalmers: 41 min, 17 p, 7 a, 4 r, 4 s, +5

Stepping into Mike Conley's shoes, Mario was huge against his old Miami running mate. He played heady and fearless basketball, and that floater he hit in the final minute was about as clutch as it gets. We hoped to get a serviceable backup when we traded for Mario. We got more than we bargained for.



P.J. Hairston: 35 min, 9 p, 3 r, +7

Hey, you didn't kill us P.J., good work! He actually played decently well outside of your expected 3 point chucking, and wasn't an absolute turnstile on defense.

Baby steps.



Tony Allen: 34 min, 26 p, 4 a, 2 r, 5 s, 1 b, +8

WELCOME BACK TO THE GRINDFATHER. What a game. Maybe the best offensive performance Tony has had in a Grizzly uniform. I'm going to love watching him and Lance be insane together. That jump ball against LeBron will be written about in history textbooks.



JaMychal Green: 37 min, 16 p, 10 r, 6 a, 4 s, 2 b, +15

JaMychal is getting a lot of well-deserved love from the pundits nowadays. The Grizzlies' investment in him is clearly paying off. I mean look at that stat line! Behold, bask in its glory!



Ryan Hollins: 22 min, 4 p, 2 r, 1 b, -12

Hollins isn't a complete and total stiff, but he's clearly outclassed by pretty much every other option out there. Don't blame Dave for not wanting to start Jarell Martin here, but Hollins is just bad at basketball and not going anywhere. Time to pull the plug on this experiment.



Lance Stephenson: 28 min, 17 p, 7 r, 3 a, 1 s, 1 b, -13

I don't care what the point differentials keep saying -- I love Lance out there. He plays hard, if not smart, and there's a chance he could get to the latter with time. The chaos of last night is precisely the kind of environment he thrives in.



Vince Carter: 26 min, 15 p, 4 r, 1 a, 2 s, 2 b, +13

Is there a grade for "brass cojones?" Those four free throws down the stretch were massive. I usually get frustrated by Vince playing this many minutes, but he came up big yesterday. Props.



Jarell Martin: 19 min, 2 p, 3 r, 2 a, -8

As our own Joe Mullinax wrote today, these minutes are going to be huge for Martin's development. Plus, the Grizzlies get a chance to see what they have in him. A blessing in disguise from Marc Gasol's ill-fated injury.

And he looks alright! Not great, but not 100% lost either. This is a good thing, considering his limited basketball experience in general.



Head Coach Dave Joerger