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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Cleveland

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Cavs fans.

Pre-game views

- Good news for us. Barnes and Conley officially out tonight

- Hopefully a lot of VC tonight. I could go for the nostalgia trip

- I hope I'm wrong but I think their guards are going to give us fits tonight. Probably a high scoring game.

- Even with Conley out, I think Chalmers has a big night along with Tony Allen.

In-game views

- 7 turnovers for 12 Grizzly points.  There's our problem

- Cavs playing like absolute dog doodoo. Memphis has 33 points in the first quarter just as I suspected. Horrible. Time to pop a cold one.

- Stephenson with the technical. He's still a head case. Cavs need to wake the hell up.

- 10 turnovers against a MASH unit for Memphis. Pretty pathetic effort

- No Zach, no Conley, no Gasol, no Barnes and this Cav team showing their gutless stripes.

- Please Play DEFENSE guys.  Don't leave Tony Allen open!!!

- Freaking Chalmers answers again. Down 1 with 25 seconds

Post-game views

- It would be nice if NBA refs weren't such worthless morons.

- We no longer have no room to clown on the Warriors for their loss yesterday.  How do you let a depleted Grizzlies squad come into your house and let them have their way with you?  SMH!!

- What a pathetic display.  The refs sure didn't help with turning their heads on so many blatant fouls- geez- but the Cavs did this to themselves.

- What on earth was that? 8 players dressed for Memphis, and their two best players out? Joke performance.

- Lue should make them all sit and watch Tony Allen (who?) being interviewed on NBA TV.

- Tony Allen has been a prominent player in this league for a long time. One of the toughest and most consistent players ever. All defensive 1st teamer. Shot the ball way above his head tonight though, obviously, but his winning presence wasn't out of the blue.

- Every freaking night opposing guards get whatever they want against this team. Zero paint presence by our Bigs and our guards are liliputians. Chalmers and Allen looked like All Stars tonight.

- Considering the injury situation that Memphis has I don't ever remember a worse loss by a team this talented. This is beyond brutal