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Memphis Grizzlies vs. Golden State Warriors Roundtable

There is a basketball game tonight with historic implications, in case you hadn't heard.

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Tonight in Oakland the Memphis Grizzlies have a date with history...well, kind of. In Game 82 of the NBA regular season, the Golden State Warriors will be trying to break the record held by the 1995-1996 Bulls and win their 73rd game. That's right. 73-9. Single-digit in the loss column, over the span of 82 games and about five or so months of basketball. The only team standing between them and this goal?

The beaten and battered Memphis Grizzlies, who are limping to the finish line both literally and figuratively. In honor of such an event, we here at GBB felt it necessary to reconvene the roundtable and discuss tonight's action and importance.

1. Be honest- do you REALLY want to see the Grizzlies beat the Warriors tonight and block history?

Joe Mullinax- Of course. Anything to help get the taste of this rough season out of my mouth. It may be the last chance at a feel-good moment for about six or so months.

Matt Hrdlicka- Yes. (Editor's Note- read Matt's full rationale here.)

Corban Ford- Yes, one because I HATE the Warriors, and also because if the Grizzlies do this they are in the history books right up there with the 2013 Chicago Bulls as one of the great record stoppers in history.

Jonah Jordan- I've never wanted anything more in my entire life. I don't care if they don't win a game in the playoffs. If they win this game I'll be happy.

Andrew Millen-Absolutely. After losing to this team by 50 at the start of the year, what could be better poetry than denying them the record, in Oracle, to close out this hellacious season. The journey will have been worth it.

Matt Bishop- I'm going to be the black sheep here and probably be very unpopular, but what's new? I would like to see the Warriors set the record for most wins in a season. In his Book of Basketball, Bill Simmons wrote that we would never see another team break 72 wins. That it was too hard. I'm old enough to remember the 96 Bulls and how they walked in night after night and thought they were better than everyone they played. And while I wish the Grizzlies were not involved, I would not mind seeing the Warriors do what no other team has done before.

2. Pretend you're the Head Coach of the Memphis Grizzlies- how are you approaching this game? Are you going all-out for the win? Or are you conscious of the minutes your veterans are getting heading in to the playoffs?

Joe Mullinax- What in the world would you be saving them for? If they're legitimately hurt, like Tony Allen, sure, rest. If you can go? Go.

Matt Hrdlicka- I would have rested every starter against the Clippers so I could play them 40 against the Warriors.

Corban Ford- We're doing everything we can to get that W, no question, no question at all. EVERYTHING TO WIN!!

Jonah Jordan- I would have sat every important player against the Clippers, outside of Lance Stephenson because Lance v. Clippers is an amazing time. I would already have had Zach Randolph set up in a hotel in Oakland getting ready. There was no need for him to be in Los Angeles.

Andrew Millen- If I'm role playing Joerger, I'm definitely conscious of it. Joerger is a tentative guy when it comes to lineups, we all know this. If it's me, I go all out, because it's not like we're fine tuning an otherwise healthy team for a deep playoff run. We made it to the playoffs, our car is in shambles... let's wreck sh*t.

Matt Bishop- More than likely, the Grizzlies seed will be pretty well set in stone. I would not mind if some of the veterans got the night off (i.e. ZBo, TA, and Matt Barnes) and let Lance Stephenson and the D-League All Stars get a chance to cause some havoc.

3. What lessons, if any, can Memphis take from their one-point loss to the Warriors Saturday night?

Joe Mullinax- Steph and Klay are human. They shot horribly in Memphis Saturday night, and if the Grizzlies can get them off their game early they will have a puncher's chance.

Matt Hrdlicka- {was stuck on a plane so only saw highlights}

Corban Ford- We fought hard, and if fight harder and make more of our shots, we can definitely get that win. Let's just be crisper on defensive rotations and make more of our shots.

Jonah Jordan- Riding and dying with Lance Stephenson is hilariously fun.

Andrew Millen- Any game is winnable. Take that attitude into Oracle and play with reckless abandon.

Matt Bishop- The Warriors are not invincible. They can be beaten. With all the injuries and mismatched lineups the Grizzlies have had, they were one bad Lance shot and/or a missed foul call on Steph Curry from winning this game. Therefore, if the Grizzlies draw the Spurs in the first round, the Spurs are not invincible. As long as there is maximum effort made, anyone can be beat.

4. The Grizzlies go in to this game as massive underdogs. What must Memphis do to pull off arguably the upset of the season?

Joe Mullinax- They are going to have to fight for every possession. Create multiple turnovers, protect the ball on the other end, and try to limit the efficiency of Draymond Green. He scored 23 points on 10-14 shooting this past weekend; if he does that again, Golden State is damn near impossible to beat.

Matt Hrdlicka- They've gotta play perfectly. They've gotta really push pace when Curry is out of the game. They've gotta hit 55% from long 2's and probably force 20+ TO's, and get 20 points off those TO's.

Corban Ford- Thinking really bush league... committing a hard foul on Steph Curry and taking him outta the game. No seriously though, I feel the key is Draymond Green. Key in on him, force Curry into taking tough shots, and hope that Klay Thompson doesn't show up on offense.

Jonah Jordan- Be perfect in every single area and hope that Steph Curry isn't.

Andrew Millen- They need to have great shot selection, they need to shoot the lights out, and they need help outside - either a poorly ref'd game or an off night from Curry, neither of which you can count on. Also, the more time they spend in the lead (even by small margins), the better, as crowd control is going to be a major factor.

Matt Bishop- I thought the Grizzlies did a good job defending Steph Curry on Saturday night. Either that ot Steph was just bad until the last seven minutes of the game. They've got to find a way to get ZBo involved. Stephenson has caught a lot of crap for that last shot, but there is no reason that his shot should have been blocked in the first place if the Warriors respected anything inside. Getting ZBo going is majorly important.

5. If the Grizzlies find a way to win this game, in your opinion is it the biggest win in Memphis Grizzlies' history?

Joe Mullinax- Biggest ever is a stretch. It is the biggest "nothing to lose" game ever, though. Win, and you stop history and probably get champagne and cigars from Jordan and Pippen. Lose, and you were supposed to lose anyway, so no harm done. Get ready for Game 1 in Oklahoma City or San Antonio this weekend.

Matt Hrdlicka- If you factor in the larger NBA zeitgeist, a Grizzlies win would be the biggest regular season game in franchise history. If they lose, nobody will remember it happened against Memphis.

Corban Ford- Yes. Yes it is. No question at all. Let's Get it GRIZZLIES!!!

Jonah Jordan- Considering the roster and how tough this season has been this would be the biggest regular season win ever.

Andrew Millen- Not quite -- maybe the biggest regular season win, but this team has plenty of great playoff wins that have meant more to the franchise. The most important games in Grizzlies history are ones where they're heroes to the city, not just party poopers.

Matt Bishop- This would be a huge win for the team and a huge momentum shift if the Grizzlies were to win. But in the end, does anyone even remember who the 96 Bulls beat for their 72nd win? As far as in the history of the Grizzlies, I think that their win in Dallas in 2014 on the last night of the season to make the playoffs was probably one of the larger wins in the team's history. That team came from way behind and forged a way into the playoffs.

Thanks to our contributors for being a part of this roundtable. Be sure to stick with GBB for coverage of the game tonight and for the 2016 NBA Playoffs!

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