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And Now We Do...Memphis Will Head to San Antonio For Round One (Updated with Start Time)

With the Grizzlies loss to Golden State, they will finish seventh in the Western Conference

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

What a long and strange trip indeed...

That was no fun at all.  Golden State took a hold of that one and didn't let go.   And they get the record.  Congrats.  Don't mean a thing if you don't get a ring.

Now the Grizzlies finish seventh after being in 5th place since January 15th.  Losing 1,087, 742 games to injury will do that. Twenty-eight roster players will do that to you.   Losing ten of your last eleven will do that too.

Two of those losses were to the Spurs.  The Grizzlies were 0-4 against the Spurs this season, and haven't beat the Spurs since December 30th, 2014.

But they got in.  And the funny thing is, if you get can win this thing.

Oh...and I still believe that the Spurs are the worst thing to come from the ABA merger, and that includes cocaine.

Recaps coming up soon.

Our awards extravaganza is tomorrow.

GBB will get you ready for the postseason.  Stick with us.

Keep Truckin'