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GBB Awards: The"First Team All Defense" Defensive Player of the Year

And the winner is.....

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The "First Team All Defense" Defensive Player of the Year

***Tony Allen- 80%***

Marc Gasol- 20%

TA wins the best defender for the Grizzlies for the second straight year

Here's what we said:

Joe Mullinax: Marc Gasol and Matt Barnes get honorable mention, but Memphis' defense thrives when TA is cooking.

Jonah Jordan: Tony Allen is still a force when somewhat healthy.

Corban Ford: Tony Allen slipped a little bit this season, but he is still the go to defender and does a good job at it when fully healthy

Wes George: Tony Allen, distinguished professor of grind emeritus.

The Matty B- TA is awesome, but I voted for Marc for one simple reason: the defense went absolutely in the tank when Marc went down because even though he is not an elite rim protector, the defense is designed to funnel everything inside.  When that was gone, the defense suffered.

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