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GBB Awards: Rookie of the Year and D-League Player of the Year

And the winners are...

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

First off...the "Maybe You'll Play More Next Year" Rookie of the Year:

Jordan Adams: 10%

***Jarell Martin: 80%***

Briante Weber: 10%

Here is what we said:

Wes George: Has looked like a serviceable NBA role player, which is more than we could have asked for when we started this season

Joe Witherwax: Jarell Martin. He's got some skills that can be really useful in the NBA.

Grace Baker: Jarell Martin. I saw flashes of potential and talent in the minutes he's played this season.

Andrew Ford: Jarell Martin. He has much room for improvement, but the important thing is that he got on the court and played significant minutes.

Matt Hrdlicka: Jordan Adams, all 15 minutes of him.

And now....The D-League Player of the Year

Ray McCallum- 20%

***Xavier Munford- 70%***

Briante Weber- 10%

Here is what we said:

Matt Hrdlicka: Xavier Munford. GOGSFYD

Joe Witherwax: Xavier Munford. Honorably mention to Ray McCallum for the 14 point, 2 block, Chris Paul-harrassing win over the Clippers.

Grace Baker: Xavier Munford. In the short time he's been here, Munford has shown that he can hold his own in the NBA.

Up next...The Sixth Man and Most Improved Player Awards