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GBB Awards: Sixth Man of the Year and Most Improved Player

And the winners are...

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Sixth Man of the Year:

***Mario Chalmers: 90%***

JaMychal Green: 10%

Here is what we said

Joe Mullinax: Mario Chalmers. Was having a tremendous season before his injury.

Jonah Jordan: Mario Chalmers was great off the bench for the Grizzlies before rupturing his Achilles. I never expected to type that sentence. It was such a bummer when he went down.

Corban Ford: So painful the way it ended, but without a doubt Mario Chalmers.

Andrew Ford: Mario Chalmers. For a long stretch of games he seemed like the only guy who cared.

Wes George: Mario Chalmers. Came to Memphis as a pariah, and leaves as a celebrated Grizzly. Quite a turnaround for one of Memphis most notorious villains.

Most Improved Player Award

***JaMychal Green- 90%***

Jarell Martin- 10%

Here is what we said:

Wes George: JaMychal Green. Perhaps merely a function of increased opportunity than actual improvement, but he's been an absolute revelation for a team in desperate need of contributors.

Joe Witherwax: JaMychal Green. Green is still a little... green... but he's a legitimate NBA rotation player after being a fringe end-of-the-bench guy early in his career.

Grace Baker: JaMychal Green. All season long, Green has made the best of the minutes he's been given and has embraced the "all heart" philosophy that the Grizzlies preach.

Kevin Yeung: JaMychal Green, again. This time last year, I wasn't sure if he had any redeeming qualities to stick in the NBA. I was so, so, so wrong

Matt Hrdlicka: Jarell Martin. Jarell has shown flashes, and he still has a long way to go to be an 8th man on a good team, but I think he's shown flashes of skills that might stick. The main reason for optimism is that he's shown enough flashes that I no longer think he has to learn to shoot to be effective. His future is a playmaking center in small lineups that holds up rebounding, and blows by centers on the other end. He just has to shoot "just enough" to get defenses to respect him, and it doesnt even need to be from 3 point range. He already guards centers on defense when playing with JaM and holds up better on that end than JaM.

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