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GBB Awards: The Most Disappointings...

And the "winners" are...

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Allen Iverson/Gilbert Arenas Most Disappointing Performance of the Year

Matt Barnes: 30%

***Marc Gasol: 50%***

Brandan Wright: 20%

What we said

Joe Mullinax: Marc Gasol pre-injury. Yes, Jeff Green will contend for this, but Marc was posting the worst season he had had in years, and in some areas ever. Not a good look after signing the new deal.

Matt Hrdlicka: Marc Gasol. We'll never know, but I wonder how long his Navicular Break went undiagnosed.

Jonah Jordan: Matt Barnes. I don't care how well he plays on the court. I will never root for him. He gets worse every time he speaks or posts on social media which I didn't think was possible. I want him to go away more than I've ever wanted a Grizzly player to do anything.

Joe Witherwax: I think it's Brandan Wright. I know a lot of it was due to injuries, but the pick 'n' rolls I saw in my head never made it onto the court.

The Most Disappointing Injury

Jordan Adams- 5%

Mario Chalmers- 10%

Marc Gasol- 85%

What we said

Wes George: Can I vote for all of them as a collective? No? Marc Gasol, then. Super womp

The Matty B.: When Chalmers went down it felt like a balloon was let out of the entire season.

Andrew Ford: Marc Gasol. Now I'm depressed.

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